Nov 12, 2011

Egress - The Test of STS-417

I really do love freeware (and not-so-freeware), indie, AGS-crafted adventures. I enjoy their imaginative takes on the genre, their unexpected themes, their wild puzzles, their sheer variety and their pixel art visuals that so nostalgically remind me of my gaming youth. It's only rarely though that I'm blown-away by their (relatively, to be precise) high-res graphics and lavish animated intros, and the newly released Egress has a pretty stunning opening cinematic. It sports some lovely, hand drawn, frame-by-frame 2D animation, and though short, it's even more impressively accompanied by a few ending sequences, to go along with the game's multiple endings. 

Eye candy aside, and there's quite a bit of it as Egress is very good looking first-person adventure indeed, this short sci-fi offering is a also a good and atmospheric game. Set in the outer reaches of space, it follows you, the commander of a two man recon team attacked by a weird black blob, as you explore a mysterious planet, search for you partner (his screaming is rather annoying apparently), try to figure out what's going on and, quite obviously, save yourself. All this with the help of a pretty standard interface and against some mostly easy but definitely enjoyable puzzles.

You can download Egress either from its very own, lovingly crafted site over at Krams Design (where you can also show your appreciation by donating and getting some excellent wallpapers as a reward) or via the AGS forums. The game is of course happily freeware.

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  1. Another free game? you know I've got an idea to rename your blog the gnomesfreelair.....

    Well whadda ya think? I know it has connotations that it's free of Gnomes and all that but.. it's got a certain..

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  2. No. It sounds dirty. It implies freedom and people will think (or should I say find out) we are in a constant state of orgy. No, that would kill business.

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  6. I'm stuck in a cave with a door and a panel with lights on.
    Couldn't find a walkthrough.
    Please help:)

  7. Slow response time is unnecessary punishment.

  8. It really wasn't that bad I believe. Don't think I really noticed it.