Nov 1, 2011

The Dream Machine Chapter 3

Having already confessed my passionate and unconditionall love of The Dream Machine and despite the fact that it doesn't even know I exist, it's only fair that I happily let everyone know that the third chapter of this excellent adventure has just been released! Yes, it is indeed time to celebrate and find out what's going on on that surreal and rather oneiric cruise ship. Well, provided you've already played through the first two chapters, which, as I've already explained, is something you should do. Anyway. Simply visit the Dream Machine site and join the fun.


  1. I've been looking forward to this very much, it's easily one of the most interesting things I've played in ages. Now I just need some time to play it!

  2. Only played for a few minutes and it looks excellent. Saving it for the weekend myself.

  3. Gnome I'm pretty sure the Dream Machine is well aware of your devotion, it's just playing hard to get....

    here let me help!

    (lifts Gnomes hat, combs hair, replaces hat..)

    there! now let's see what happens

  4. Blog Narrator11/4/11, 12:19 AM

    Brilliant! he's forgotten his meds again :(

  5. (silently laughs)

    Yes, thank you, thank you.

    Think I'll need a flower in my pocket?

    And should I wear my crown and kilt?

    (I have indeed decided to let Scotland enter my socialist kingdom)

  6. :) Scotland!! the Kilt and sporan!!

    we'll have a new national outfit!!! that's so.. soo.... all enveloping.. radical.. vision.. I can't think of the word...

    (borrows gnomes new dictionary,
    "Dictionary for the Gnomage")

  7. Found anything in there?

    If not we can simply call it glorious and move on with the annexation of other nice parts in the world.

  8. :) gorgeous will do, Japan! please, can we annex Japan next?

  9. Hmmm. Yes, why not? We can have all the 3DS and Vitas we want. And geishas too! Ah, yes, geishas...

  10. the geishas...

    (An unusual and for thes two, very rare time of contemplation ensues....)