Nov 2, 2011

Dead Hotel (on a lonely highway)

As I am semi-randomly and very slowly going through the 2011 Interactive Competition entries, I couldn't help but notice that Dead Hotel is the only game that has been specifically programmed to run as a proper executable for Windows using its very own engine. Out of respect for the extra and, for all I know, difficult effort I decide to give it a look. Didn't regret it, mind.

The game itself is a menu-driven affair, not dissimilar to Snatcher (sans graphics of course), that puts gamers (or should I say interactive readers?) in the shoes of a former policeman trapped in a hotel and facing a zombie apocalypse. Rather banal, I know, but it is pretty well written, though admittedly very short and obviously not quite complete. It's more of a demo really. A demo with some interesting and i-f compatible combat mechanics.

More importantly, it's like a demo of something really promising. The engine, you see, sports a lovely, retro-esque, chunky font, looks fine, can support such things as hit-points, combat and inventories, is fast and already features sound. With a few modifications and additions such as maps and graphics, it could end up being able to produce something really amazing, and I'm definitely looking forward to this. Not that I didn't enjoy the 15 minutes I spent with Dead Hotel...

You can download Dead Hotel, as well as the other IF Competition games, for free over here. Actually, you really should. There are more than a few gems waiting for your attention.

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  1. I was gonna refrain from posting, but, well, song quotes and references always get me. Regardless, SNATCHER? I'm on it.

  2. Just don't expect too much dear. Look at it as a demo of sorts. A short experiment.

  3. Gillian! Please use extreme caution!

  4. Extreme caution is after all a way of life!

  5. (enters wheeling mobile guillotine for placement outside Greek parliament....)

    all politicians should be screened for schizophrenia

    ..but I brought beer and pizzza!!!! :) and the strippers will be here when we get this guillotine in place, brunettes right?

  6. A mobile guillotine! This is wonderful elderly! And it has an umbrella holder too. Amazing, just amazing.

    Beer, pizza, schizo-test device, strippers. You are an angel of the people you are. Oh, and, yes, brunettes of course.

  7. :) I did good!! yey


    just to ruin it, why has the wood commode got logs in it?

  8. What?

    The commode has logs?

    That's odd.

    November 5th bonfire left-overs perhaps?

  9. ..that would explain it....

    (continuing on his musical Thursday comment theme, elderly begins to sing.. or want of a better world..)

    "On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my face, warm smell of... of...them funny sound flowers..rising up through the air..."

  10. (sits back and enjoys the show)

    (to the audience:)

    He's really good, this one...

  11. (continues singing as the audience throwing coins... a mistake! as a coin lodges in the back of his throat..)



  12. (calls nurse)

    I'm getting faster.

    Ooops. Not fast enough.

    (calls coroner)

  13. Lol...

    am... sorry

    (plays dead....)