Nov 7, 2011

King's Quest: The Silver Lining Episode 4

See what I did here? I said King's Quest, where clearly I weren't supposed to. Hah! Take that intellectual property. You didn't expect such a nasty blow, did you? Well, that's gnomes for you I suppose.

Anyway. All I actually wanted to do, was let my precious reader know that the fourth episode of indie, King's Quest inspired, polished, fully voice-acted and gloriously 3D adventure The Silver Lining has been released. It's the penultimate installment to the series in which king Graham finds himself in a race against time to collect the mystic ingredients for the spell that will save his children, while Valanice is struggling with her dark destiny. It's all dark and whimsical and you can download this episode or the complete series so far (if you, like me, haven't found the time to properly play through the series) over at The Silver Lining.

Before watching the trailer embedded below, let me just inform you that this episode will excitingly let you explore the Green Isles from the air, engage with a second playable character, enjoy new action sequences, solve more puzzles and even uncover some of Graham's secrets. Oh, and there's an interesting contest too. The game is of course 100% freeware.  

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  1. (takes two air sickness tablets, departs singing...)

    Up, up and away, in my beautiful balloon....

  2. ...woooo a King?

    what happened the princess?

  3. Sex-change operation apparently...

  4. eek...

    still he/she looks, rather stunning...

    (shakes himself from a questioniable revery)

    no no, what was I thinking... ahem..

  5. There's no shame in love. Besides, he/she is nothing more than a textured wireframe model really. So, there...

  6. Admitedly very appealing textures though..