Oct 24, 2011

The AGS Bake Sale

I've never really seen a real, live bake sale, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with selling bakes or, in the very least, baking sales. Or something vaguely like that; possibly baking stuff that was previously on sale. Thankfully, the recently announced and already covered by the wise Cassandra and Dualnames, AGS Bake Sale is something else entirely. Or so I've been led to believe. On the other hand, it's an initiative that makes perfect sense and is something even my tiny bake-sale-deprived mind can easily grasp. Also, it's an excellent idea.

But what is it, I pretend to hear you ask. Well, for now it's a promise that will apparently become a quality online sale organized by a happy and secretive band of highly organized indie adventure game creators. Indie creators using the excellent AGS adventure authoring tool in order to come up with equally excellent little games, that will be sold following that trendy pay what you want model. Their goal? Why, to raise enough money to buy a new server to, err, serve the AGS community. The whole thing will happen sometime in mid-December and will hopefully allow you to enjoy a variety (multitude too) of games.
An example of what you should expect. Lovely, innit?
Though you can already follow what's happening with the Bake Sale via this handy forum thread, I have to let you know that the announced games are looking pretty brilliant. I'm already eagerly waiting to point and click my way through Fragment, Paranormal Investigator: In search of the sweets tin, Mythaumatology, Falling Skywards, Understaffed and Barn Runner. Actually, each and every game announced so far does look polished, highly intriguing and beautiful, so I'll just stop linking. Oh, and to find out when the whole thing kicks off, better watch this space (preferably, this blog).

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