Jun 5, 2010

Subject E14 -- Session 1 (?)

Got hold of this today, and I thought I'd break my silence and let you know.

UNDISCLOSED LOCATION - June 4, 2010. The following tape was found at a confidential archive and has been painstakingly restored. It proves beyond doubt that what happened at the Hanwell Mental Institute is true. This is only a very small glimpse of the atrocities committed there. I can show you more...

I beg you to refrain from contacting me as I have put myself in great danger already. Thank you, and spread the word.


  1. Just realized I got this in the email as well, but thought it was a spam...



    Still, do we know anything at all what this is about?

  2. We know it's all about horror, excellent graphics and some sort of mental institution. If I told you more I'd have to kill you though dear Barts, and that would make Subject E14 feel lucky.

  3. Awaiting more information from the archives, then. The truth is out there!

  4. And will of course sooner than later be revealed.