Jun 10, 2010

And so I'm back (from outer space)

Well, my dissertation is over, the army is over and I thought I might just try and spend some time on my dear Gnome's Lair. You know, some quality gaming time, that should probably translate into quite a few reviews, retrospectives and articles, and most probably some games. After all, the time has come to actually try and finish that game I promised you aeons ago, and start working on the next one.

Oh, and if I were you, I would expect some more surprises. Possibly even a whole new site (no, not a blog). And a revival of Retro Treasures, Gaming on the Go and Walls of Gaming, though I really should finish my articles for the excellent Retroaction magazine first. So, uhm, exciting, eh?

PS. Don't forget that more Gnome (in tiny well-shaped quantities) is available via Twitter and Facebook


  1. Army is no reason for slacking...

  2. But, but, but... I was far from home I was.

  3. Congrats on finishing everything!

    Amazing that you don't need a longer rest after all that.

  4. Thanks Igor! Oh, and I definitely need a break and will get a proper own too, right after my decidedly final PhD presentation. Till then, I'll enjoy some blogging and gaming. And much more stuff too :)