Apr 16, 2010

Eye^Game^Candy: Maniac Mansion

Maniac Mansion CoverManiac MansionManiac Mansion ScreenManiac Mansion by Lucasarts (then Lucasfilm) was released back in 1987 and was a truly revolutionary adventure game. It was after all developed and designed -mainly- by Ron Gilbert and was the original point-and-click adventure. The ur-adventure if you will. What you see above are images from the PC EGA version (oil, on canvas, on scanner).


  1. Clearly, a game that respects all the disrespect on B-movie thrillers. What a gameplay also!

  2. If you like Maniac Mansion you should check out Maniac Mansion Mania. Most of the games are in german language but there also many translated games.

  3. Amazing they did traditional oil paintings for the game covers then.. I guess there wasn't much choice if you wanted detail..

    - just swinging by for my once a year post! :/
    So it seems these days- Slowly getting back to things over here..


  4. @ Dualnames: Exactly so dear Dualnames. Quite a tough one though.

    @ Cyro: Excellent stuff indeed. Besides I could give my German a try.

    @ Deitrix: Yes, and quite great. All of Lucasarts covers were proper paintings and many of them by Steve Purcell. Always great seeing you around my friend!