Apr 14, 2010

Of plastic guitars and pop music - Band Hero

Band Hero WiiOne of the reasons I truly like and still enjoy my Wii despite that silly hardcore gaming debate, is that it easily manages to offer me a radically different gaming experience; especially when considering I've always been more or less a computer gamer. Interestingly, playing with Band Hero must be the pinnacle of such experiences, and I should know. I've had its ridiculously big box in my place since December and have since been moving those drums and guitars around in order to watch TV or access the DVD player in that crammed lair of mine on a daily basis.

Now, as I'm quite an impressionable gnome and not that experienced in the rhythm game genre, I would never attempt to actually and properly review Band Hero in contrast say to Rock Band or the earlier Guitar Heroes. Sorry about that, but that's what mainstream gaming sites are for. What I can do, on the other hand, is admit the fact that clicking on plastic buttons on a fake guitar, while friends attempt to sing to a most demanding karaoke machine and more friends bang on fake drums can be immensely enjoyable. The definition perhaps of a party game. A shockingly party-ish party game even, that can also be attended by people that aren't your average gamer. And women. And even babies. 

What's more, the whole Band Hero thing -starting from its brilliantly oversized boxed- feels like an (admittedly not erotic) toy made for adults. Getting hold of it feels almost as thrilling as getting that huge toy back when you were 10. And to think I really didn't care much for that sort of game... To think I believed it was nothing more than a pointless attempt at further commercializing music. Well, it is rally, but it also is extremely fun and actually feels like playing an instrument, at least as much as a flight simulator makes you feel like piloting a soviet fighter against the Nazis.

Anyway. Better not digress. Let's stick to some review stuff.

As a game Band Hero makes a great job of introducing new comers to the genre, feels real polished and judging by the fact that nobody among the people that tried it managed to impress on the more demanding difficulty settings, I guess it should offer enough of a challenge to satisfy those obsessed Guitar Hero 12-fingered masters. The song selection, though decent and quite rich, is not to my liking, but happily there are much better selections of songs to download, even though the prices aren't exactly bargains. Oh, and having a band of friends trying to play American Pie is quite the spectacle...

Verdict: I like it. Really. Don't quite know why.

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  1. Enjoyed the video.

    I too find the Wii a real joy for all its variety--Silent Hill to A Boy and His Blob to Monster Hunter 3 to Muramassa to Swords & Soldiers.

    Heck, I even like the dungeon crawl with the kids on Pokemon Rumble.

    And the whole family enjoys Beatles Rock Band.

  2. Glad you liked the video dear and wise friend and even gladder you too see the Wii the way I do. Despite not having played the latest Silent HIll or the Boy & Blob offering...

    BTW, when will you get back to blogging proper?

  3. I confess a bit of love for the little white box, even when the drive died on me. I feel that the 360 is my Fallout 3 box. :)

    Yes, I've neglected my site, particularly when the kids took over my DS. I've been posting more comments at other sites for a while. But I have plans to pick up writing again.

  4. Please don't talk about broken drives. I wouldn't be able to take it I suppose. Not after two dead Lynx consoles...

    And do get on with your plans. No need to let them kids keep that DS either, mind.

  5. I so agree with you. Every so often I look at the games I could be playing on an XBox or Playstation instead, but all they seem to have are a few different variations on essentially the same game.

    PS. Nice lair, but shouldn't there be a gold mine or something? You know, to get the real gnoming done!

  6. Very well then. I'll get things all fixed and gnomey I suppose.