Apr 20, 2010

S.K.U.N.K.Z. - The Shooter

SKUNKZ, doesn't only sound like something straight from the eighties, but actually plays like a glorious old school side scrolling shooter (that doesn't quite scroll), which, in my Spectrum-loving book, is a great thing. It's a simple, tough little game, with some excellent cartoon graphics that would shine in an arcade cabinet of yore and even features some interesting midi tunes. You can download the first episode of SKUNKZ (for free obviously) here. Oh, and I suggest you do try the cursor and s,d,f keys while gaming. Mind you, it could use some refinement in the controls department...


  1. The full version is also going to be free, I just felt like since my project was reminding me of one of those old Apogee games, I may as well follow suit and have a single episode version. I'll let you guys know when it's released!


  2. Ah, that's excellent. Thanks!