Jun 27, 2008

The Ivy's lively Nanobots

nanobotsnanobots ivy agsI may be lacking the time for a proper review, but you simply have to know that Nanobots, an exquisite indie adventure game, has just been made available for download. Here and for free. Now, be reasonable, trust me, thank the nice lady who created it, make yourselves a favour and grab it. After all, Nanobots is an innovative and quirky point-and-click adventure, with beautiful graphics, a great soundtrack and an intriguingly cute plot brought to you by Erin 'Ivy' Robinsons of Spooks and Blackwell Unbound fame, with the help of Vince Twelve of xii games and Chris 'Scorposer' Moorson. What a team, eh?

And to quote in the most informative of ways:

Nanobots is a classic-style point and click adventure game that lets you control the six different robots as they race to save themselves from being turned into scrap metal. Can they make use of their surroundings, fashion an escape plan, and avoid coming face-to-fist with Professor Killfun? Only if they give peace a chance.

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  1. Scrap Metal..?
    They have less scrap than a coke can!

    Nanobots sounds right outta the Metal Gear Solid series a little bit...
    Even tho they use nanomachines or whatever..

    Anyhooo... Hi Gnome, Hows it hangin'..??

  2. Well, rather loosely I'd say :p

    How's it hanging your end of the tube talented friend?

  3. More goodies?? Thanks Gnome!

    And Deitirix is here too! *waves to Deitrix*

  4. Wow, sounds like a pretty interesting game . . . the point and click adventure style sorta reminds me of the Goblins series from way back in the day . . .

  5. You're most welcome Father :)

    Think you nailed it there got, as Nanobots does indeed feel a bit like Goblins. Now download it and enjoy. It's free, it is...

  6. haha .. I remember Goblins.. Quite fun back in the day...

    It doesn't hang any more, the wife has it hid somewhere....

    Hey Father, You sexy bastard!

  7. I love free games. will be posting review of nanobots soon here .

  8. Damn! Not hangin' eh? Well, could be worse I suppose dear Deitrix...

    We'll be waiting for it Nombres...