Apr 24, 2008

The habitat of the Dungeons & Dragons CRPG

Pool of Radiance TSR Gold BoxYes, well, as you might have noticed I'm not updating Gnome's Lair as regularly as I used to -neither of course as regularly as I would like to, but this definitely doesn't mean I have no more gaming nonsense to share with mankind. Au contraire... All I lack is the necessary free time, not the ideas. Hopefully though my just published Top 10 D&D CRPGs feature post over at the excellent Dungeon Mastering RPG blog will both keep you entertained and prove I've not lost interest in gaming. Cheers!

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  1. I noticed! Dammit, gnome - I come here every day, and I expect new content! :)

    I love this game - there have been very few D&D games that have not been favorites of mine.

  2. New content is getting harder and harder to sustain. I sympathise dear Gnome. Rest assured that any content you care to bestow on your legion of fans is much appreciated1

  3. You're correct in expecting stuff oh dane of war! I'll repent. Probably join a group of wandering flagellants or something... Oh, dear, dear... And yes, D&D CRPGs are generally brilliant. Especially them gold box ones...

    Ah, nice to find a sympathizing sympathizer dear Father... I sympathize too :P

  4. Your sympathy is sympathetically recieved dear Gnome... *Hurriedly checks through dictionary and thesaurus...* "sympathetically"... Is that a real word? I'll put the kettle on... Biscuits?

  5. Well, it's quasi-real I'd say and, yes, I'll have some, thank you :)

  6. I'm surprised to have played many of the games you mentioned. You see, I've never played the "real" D&D (pen and paper, I mean) and CRPG's are such long games that I usually can't afford spending the time they need.

    Still, I'm a proud owner of Baldur's Gate, Planescape Torment and IceWind Dale. Don't have NWN2 because my old pc can't handle it, but I've played and beat the first one.

  7. I used to have the novel. Kept it in my bookshelf for 8 years. I woke up one day to find termites made a small outpost in it in the course of only a weekend. Tsk.

    Shal is one hot babe! :D

  8. Always knew you were a hardcore CRPGer deep down inside Nebacha dear. And you got a rather impressive collection too. Now, if you find the time, you could try some proper RPG too. Chances are you'll dig it... BTW, isn't Planescape Torment just brilliant?

    Termites! Bah! Pesky things... Totally unlike Shal if you ask me...

  9. By proper RPG do you mean the traditional tabletop ones? I would love to try those one day, but I don't have anyone to play with. Anyway, one of my hobbies is to write fantasy stories, and that has a certain RPG element to it.

    Planescape Torment was just brilliant. Too bad it didn't sold enough copies to guarantee a sequel. I've never finished it, though, like I never finished any of the other games I mentioned (with the exception of the original NWN). After a dozen of hours I just get tired of them and when I come back I can't remember the story so I start again from the beginning, only to eventually get bored and repeat the cycle.

    This post, for some reason, left me craving for some IceWind Dale, so I've reinstalled it (the first one) and this time I'm reading a strategy guide in order to properly play it (I never fully understood the intricate rules of AD&D). Let's see if I can finish it this time.

  10. You write fantasy stories? Why, that's absolutely brilliant Nebachadnezzar! Anything in English? anything you could share via your blog? BTW, you know that stories like these could make fantastic starting points for games too.

    Oh, and yes, I by proper I do mean pen and paper RPGs. And I do tend to prefer the rules-light story-based ones like Call of Cthulhu or Vampire...

    And don't expect Icewind Dale to reach the quality of Planescape... It's a good one, but not that good.

  11. By "stories" I actually meant just one story. It was the first one I created when I started to write fiction in my free time, 2 years ago. The thing is, like with many other things, I eventually lost interest in it, after writing just 80 pages (I intended it to be something like 300-350 pages long). It's not like I gave up on it, I just needed to write about other, non-dark fantasy, stuff for a while, but the fact is I haven't touched it since.

    I still want to pick it up someday, but I haven't wrote anything at all for a month (in the meantime I've started 3 other, completely unrelated, non-fantasy stories), so I have no idea when that'll be.

    I can't share it for 2 reasons: 1)It's in Portuguese 2)It's not in digital format. For some odd reason I only seem to enjoy writing if I do it with real pen and paper.

    I know IceWind Dale is not on the same level of Planescape Torment, but, god knows why, it's what I want to play now :)

  12. I'd suggest touching it again at some point, as ervisiting stuff usually breathes new life into them. Oh, and I too used to only write on paper, but having to type stuff afterwards made me gradually move to keyboard-only writing.