Dec 6, 2007

An hour of hot D&D 4th edition insider info and some other (audible) stuff

Yax was kind enough to include Gnome's Lair in Dungeon Mastering's Top 50 RPG websites and, being the sensitive little gnome I am, I sort of felt the obligation to blog about something vaguely related. Failing to come up with a Top 60 tabletop gaming blogs piece and ultimately ignoring the pleas for a Naked Cthulhu Gaming guide, I had a quick browse through the Velvet Dice Bag and found out that Gaming Steve's latest podcast -episode 64- has been made available here. You'd better go listen to it, especially if D&D is your thing.

It's a 148 minutes long monster, mind you, and besides discussing Super Mario Galaxy, the Witcher and a variety of non-analog games, said podcast sports 62 minutes of Christopher Perkins interview goodness. Shockingly, Mr. Perkins, Story Design Manager RPGs/Minis R&D at Wizards, chooses to discuss the 4th edition of Dungeons & Dragons and offer invaluable behind the scenes info.

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  1. I don't know much about D&D, but I like that thing shooting flames out of its tentacles. I'll take two please.

  2. Looks like this little corner of the interwebz is starting to get pretty well known :)

    Not only it was mentioned, but also got a pretty good place in the ranking, none other than #33.

    And according to them you won bonus points cause gnomes are funny... xD

    (not our most respected gnome, of course. He's probably talking about gnomes in general...)

  3. The only D&D game I played was D&D Heroes on the original Xbox. It was a generic, lifeless hack n' slasher. Diablo II it ain't...

  4. Any kind words for Witcher? I'm pretty I'll be picking it up soon, but it'd be interesting to hear a D&D perspective on it.

  5. Uhm, yes, two beholders for the cat. Right. That will be 25 euros please.\

    Actually dear Nebacha.. Gnome are funny! :)

    Well, ross, you should try them classic SSI DnD games or even Planescape, though you shouldn't forget that D&D started the whole RPG craze.

    Actually guttertalk, I've heard fantastic things about the Witcher and especially its brilliant plot and writing. Seems the source material is pretty interesting too. Think I'll start with the books, while you grab the gabe. Besides, Mario is eating up most of my gaming time...

  6. According to whom dear Nebacha?
    where did Gnome come #33?

    Was it the FHM poll of top 100 sexiest mythical creatures?

  7. Unfortunately not dear Father, but search deep within this posts links and your curiosity will be sated...