Dec 10, 2007

Aquaria released - underwater fantasy gaming reaches the indie loving masses

AquariaAquariaNot every game can win an IGF Grand Prize (actually only one game per year can, and that's ..uh.. not many games and definitely not every; yes) and only one game ever managed to grab the 2007 version of said illustrious prize. It was none other than Aquaria and happily this indie masterpiece has just been released, meaning you too, and yes that does indeed mean you, can grab a fairly priced copy here or download the incredibly hefty demo there.

Now, before going off downloading and/or wisely buying stuff, before even enjoying the sheer beauty of Aquaria's video teaser, better read a bit of the official word:
Aquaria, winner of the Seumas McNally Grand Prize at the 2007 Independent Games Festival, features over 175 strange and wonderful creatures (including several massive and ancient "bosses"), 8 magical forms with unique abilities, 50 original music tracks, and over 2000 pieces of hand-painted 2d artwork.
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  1. Looks amazingly beautiful :)

    Bokkmarked for future evaluation, been a bit busy with real life these days :(

  2. It looks amazing, indeed!

    Gotta grab that demo.

  3. Real life... Yes, I see what you mean ross... It's a tough year indeed...

    I'm even thinking of grabbing the game dear Nebacha, though admittedly I'll barely find the time to enjoy it.

  4. Gnome, have you heard of Aquanaut's Holiday? If not, your homework assignment for tomorrow is to watch a video of it on You Tube. You will be tested on it first thing tomorrow.

  5. I was expecting this to be a bit over-hyped, but I really like the atmosphere and attention to detail.

  6. I almost thought it was underhyped, but guess that's not important. I too sensed great style in this one Pacian...