Nov 7, 2007

Toad's Tool 64 let's you hack at Mario 64

Toad's Tool Mario 64Nothing beats 3D Construction Kit 2 and no 3D-engine will ever come close to Freescape, for -as the Great Book of Gaming clearly states- it managed to pull some really impressive stunts on the humblest of 8-bit hardware. Never forget this. Ok? Good. Now, you may have a look at the second best 3D game editing thingy man managed: Toad's Tool 64.

Toad's Tool 64, besides sporting a brilliantly silly name, is a Mario 64 level editor, is still in Beta as fashion dictates, is absolutely freeware and you can grab yourselves a copy from its very own web-page where both Windows and Mac OS X versions are available. What's more, the thing was simple enough to allow me to tamper with some of the best designed platformer levels in history, which means you too will be moving, editing and rotating Miyamoto created objects in no time. Ahh, glory days!

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  1. Nice.

    But I have a dumb question . . . how would one load these new levels into SM64? I assume you'd have to play using a ROM and a 64 emulator.

  2. HE!HE!

  3. once again the Gnome astounds... canonised you should be....

  4. The Elderly, where have you been? Welcome back!

    Also, I remember finding lots of secrets - or glitches, easter eggs, whatever you prefer to call them - when playing Mario 64 on the N64. Incredible game :-)

  5. I'm afraid so dear Guttertalk. An emulator is definitely the way, though I do believe there's some sorcerous way to get hacked games to play on the console. Then again, that's far beyond me...

    Hey, that gnome aint me! Heresy! Treason! Treachery! Eeeek! Oh, and dear self (?), yes it is.

    Uhm... does canonisation hurt Mr. Elderly? Are canons being used? Cannons?

    Ah yes, dear Ross, it was bloody amazing, even though I first played it on my Wii.

  6. No, no.. see the fist gnome has no little gnome piccie :D

  7. Mario 64 on the Wii... Now there's an idea...

  8. Freescape! oh my.

    I actually drew and built the 3d globe map thing that came with driller...

    (what do you mean you got your games on c90)>htt

  9. Actually Father, if you haven't played it it's *the* idea...

    (salutes freepete)

    Wow! Impressive indeed... But what did you mean with that cryptic question of yours?