Nov 6, 2007

The shocking Sam & Max: Abe Lincoln Must Die full game, full monty, gratuitous free download

Sam & Max Abe LincolnGotta give it to Telltale. Not only do these wonderfully creative chaps and chappettes churn out brilliant adventure after brilliant adventure, not only have they successfully revived Sam & Max gaming and brought its humorous bloody rabbity-thing reanimated body into the mainstream, but now they 've gone and given the Internet the (second) best freebie it could ever imagine. In other words, Sam & Max: Abe Lincoln Must Die is now available for absolutely free in all its full glory. Download it here, weep with joy and re-read the same newsbit over at Telltale's fluffy blog.

In the extreme case you've been living under a rock or are one of the few heroic guerrillas that actually manage to read this blog, let me just inform you that Abe Lincoln Must Die is episode 4 of the first series of them Sam & Max games and that it's the funniest -though not the best- of the lot. It also is a point-and-click adventure that'll last you for 3-4 hours. Even contemporary critics loved it.

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  1. I was gonna give you a message about this but I see you are on top of things.


  2. (ahem)



  3. jeez.... your on steroids again aren't you.... even Santa was never this good.....

  4. Yes, but Santa on steroids was more than adequate!

  5. While I appreciate free stuff I don't see the point in this.

    Why would you start on episode 4 for a start? If you're going to play the season it works out cheaper just to buy the whole season pack rather than the individual episodes, which means you'll have no need for this.

    I suppose if you never carried on after episode 3 this would be good for you but - apart from that - I think it should have been episode 1 they released for free. That would be more of an incentive to buy the entire series than something that is halfway through the series.

    Oh well, best not to moan.

  6. Actually dear Tom (hey nice seeing you here again mate) good thing is each episode is pretty much autonomous in story and characters. Think South Park or Simpsons episodes, so all you'd be missing would be a few inside jokes.

  7. There's still an overall story though, right?

    (Didn't really go anywhere, I was just being a lazy commenter :p)

  8. Hehe...

    Well, you could say there *almost* was an over-arching story, but it was far too insignificant to actually notice, really. Do give it a try Tom, it's a triple A game...

  9. I've been meaning too for ages. Way to make me waste more time not doing my university assignments ;-)

    I guess I'll go and buy the full season on Steam!

  10. Remember that not doing your University assignments is brilliant for underpaid slaves like me that have to grade them. Buying S&M on the other hand is cunning like a particularly cunning thing...

  11. For a second there I thought you were using S&M in it's sexual context...

    ...I didn't realise I had such a dirty mind!

  12. You sick little pervert.. tsk... Didn't open my closet, did you?