Nov 9, 2007

Decker's Delight Links (9.Nov.07)

This time it's Amsterdam (complete with a tiny slice of Brussels) and I'll probably be back in a week, provided of course them fickle airplanes behave as they should. In the meantime, do have a look at the lovely things the Internet has spawned and -please Elderly- do water the plants.
InternetsNow, as Travelhacker is all about ...uh... travels and hackers, well, I thought it might be nice to start from their most intriguing Top 25 Ultimate Gamer Vacations post. Read it and see why visiting Leipzig is such a brilliant idea (hint: Games Convention).

Ghacks on the other hand discovered another brilliant idea: It's like YouTube, only sporting tons of classic horror, sci-fi, kung fu and western films in their full 60+ minute glory. For free, that is.

Oh, and in case you haven't noticed, adventure games are back for good. Here are the interviews to prove it: Ron Gilbert talks funny, Tim Shaffer talks metal and Jane Jensen speaks the truth.

For those of you who would like to join said creative bunch for a cocktail or something, can offer some help via its How to write... an Adventure Game feature. Dave Grossman and David Cage do most of the advising mind you.

GameSetWatch examines Battle Circuit, a game that might have been. Obviously it wasn't meant to be. Sad story, excellent write-up, colorful pics and a distinct lack of naked people...

Still on the retro gaming front, but focusing on things that actually were, 1up explores the history of Panzer Dragoon, Gamasutra reveals Steve Wozniak's gaming past and Mike Daily tops everything with a Lemmings retrospective.

Add another retrospective, this time on Planescape Torment by Rock, Paper, Shotgun and a freebie friendly Sega Model 2 emulator post over at the Saturn Junkyard and we're done with old games. Well, almost. There's always the Expurgation of Maniac Mansion to enjoy. Now we're done.

On to the discussion bits.Well, Richard Cobbett discusses writing "girls in gaming" articles and manages to be hilarious and wise at the same time, which probably is something to be very proud of.

On an even more serious and rather thought-provoking note, the Artful Gamer managed to come up with the good, the bad and the ugly of academic games research. Ah, yes, proper ludologic reading. Gotta love it.

It's them Quick Links again:


  1. Wow what a fabulously stunning collection of links (oh and thanks for the link to the Junkyard!)

    You see how Gnome looks after us all? He's off to Amsterdam (lucky sod) and he's left us all a load of cool stuff to keep us occupied while he's away. We love you Gnome!

    *Tiptoes off towards Gnome's liquor cabinet...*

  2. The lemmings history is well worth a read - i'm only a way into it but already its mentioned "a spectrum game SPLAT!" :-) Prize for anyone else who remembers that one!

  3. As Bugs Bunny would put it: "Bon voyajeee!"

    Of course then you'd step onto the plane only to actually find yourself plunging off a cliff.

    (Thanks for the link there. ^_~)

  4. Wow! I just scored Sam and Max as an actually not free download ( I got hoodwinked into some kind of package... but Hey! I'm easily swayed into parting with money...) but I'm fecking loving it!

    ...and I've only just started exploring the potential of links on this particular Decker's Delight's package...

    Kung Fu B Movies you say? Heads down boys I'm going in...

  5. Great links!

    I always like it when Gnome takes the work out of the interwebz.

    *Tiptoes off towards Gnome's liquor cabinet...*

    Now FC don't you remember that last time we messed with Gnome's comment section when he went away... know the whole thing with the Angry Gnome and the violence and all.

  6. Hi Gnome
    Ive got Sandbox from google.
    can you throw out link to my site?

    thanks :/

  7. (Gnome returns to see Father And Caleb lovingly taking care of the liquor cabinet)

    Aaah, that is so kind of you dear Father, thank you very much. Now, wasn't that long, was it? And I'm so glad you're enjoying Sam and Max. Such a fantastic little weird duo...

    Oh, and Caleb, I see you wisely haven't forgotten "the incident".

    Hah! I remember Splat! petesk... Glad you enjoyed the Lemmings thing. Loved it too myself.

    (bows to pacian)



    Uhm, Mike... the link to your blog has been on the sidebar for over 10 days now.. Is that what you are referring to?

  8. Hey guys, do you know what ever happened to Gamer C? He's gone missing for quite a long time now...

  9. Hi Gnome! Glad to see you back! Did you have a good time in Amsterdam? I won't ask you what you got up to *cough!*

    This Deckers Delights was a veritable treasure trove...

    I loved the Stephen Fry article on fame... Mind you I love anything Stephen Fry does...

    By the way, I tested all of your liquor to make sure it wasn't poisoned... Then I wasn't sure so I tested it again... Then I still wasn't satisfied so I tested it again (hic!) Then I "watered" the plants... I might have "watered" your kitchen sink by mistake...

  10. Amsterdam was fine and I think I'm feeling kinda old though. I still think that any city were everything closes at midnight is kinda weird. Gimme Paris and Rome anyday, but not too much of central/northern Europe...

    Oh and happy to see you're still alive. Nobody tried to poison me, then? Great. Please though, do stop with the watering... I mean, really...