Jul 6, 2007

Team 17 and a (virtual) load of free Amiga games

When I posted about those lovely commercial games gone freeware, I admittedly only focused on the PC gaming scene. Obviously, that was quite the wrong choice, for I absolutely missed all those classic and -dare I say- unsurpassed 16-bit Commodore Amiga games released by Team 17 during the 90s. Games like Alien Breed, Overdrive, Body Blows, Project X, Superfrog and of course Worms, that have now happily gone all freeware (in a very legal way, mind you) and are available for download over at the excellent Dream17 website.

All you have to do to is download the disk images of your choice, load em up using an Amiga emulator and either remember the brilliant 16-bit days or find out a bit about video gaming history. For an excellent, even though commercial emulator, I can't help but suggest Amiga Forever. UAE, an open-source free alternative available here, is also a more than decent option, provided you have access to the original Kickstart ROM.

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  1. nah there has to be a mistake... could it be... nah never kingpin, alien breed.. manga hot numbers.... manga hot numbers?

    excellent Gnome!!

  2. Yes, yes, manga hot numbers indeed. Knew you'd appreciate it Mr. Elderly. A chap of impecable taste you are...

  3. (cleans up pizza sauce from t-shirt) why thank you!!!

  4. Got a bit there. Hold still.. Ok.

    Why, welcome!

  5. I Love TEAM17 - I Played when i had 18years old with my Amiga1200!

    Great times.. :)
    Andreas Tadic,Allister Brimble, Rico Holmes, The Games Machine magazine.. and Camaro car.. aahahha

    Greetings from Italy!

  6. Cheers from Greece Francesco!

    Enjoy the nostalgia...