Jul 5, 2007

Resonance Dev Diary #2: xii games shows more

When this very blog, this humblest of Lairs, this tiniest of (little) web-worms and of course I, your very naked host, first reported that Vince Twelve of xii games had assembled a talented team and announced the development of the Resonance adventure game, I was sure it was going to be another highly innovative piece of interactive entertainment. The man after all more than knows what he's doing and is not afraid to experiment with new ideas. Also, he was kind enough to actually post his second Developer's Diary, where the innovative nature of the project was finally revealed.

Resonance, you see, besides featuring some (allegedly) ueber-sexy 2D graphics and hopefully (allegedly too) plot-integrated puzzles with multiple solutions, will have three inventories. Yes, three! One is your standard, tried-and-true, bottomless inventory as SCUMM first taught mankind, the second inventory is your short-term memory and the third one your long-term memory. Interesting, innit?

To find out how said inventories interact, along with a few things about the way dialogue will be handled in Resonance and quite frankly everything else the developer has to say, well, you know where to click, don't you? It's quite a read, really.

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  1. "[...]second Developer's Diary, where the innovative nature of the project was finally revealed."

    Where part of the innovative nature of the project was finally revealed! You don't think I'd let the cat all the way out of the bag so soon, do you? ;)

    Oh, and I'm not sure what I've done to get such fantastic gnome-coverage, but, as always, I really appreciate it. I owe you a drink. Perhaps I could send you a fine bottle of Okinawa's best awamori

  2. Oh, do let the cat out, please?

    What have you done? Are you kidding me? Why, given us some really excellent free games of course. Awamori? Sounds nice...

  3. We've just received a call to say a cat is being kept in a bag.... would any of you nice gentleman like to tell me whose responsible?

  4. Think it was a lprechaun officer. Not sure though. It was bloody dark.




  5. what was that sound... !!! (rubs ear...) bloody tinitus.. keeps acting up...

    now where were we.....(takes out notebook)

    let me see if i've got this correctly your mr.Gnome....

    and Im looking for a leprechaun.....

    who will explain all that i need to know about the poor pussycat..! (looks quizzically at Gnome....)

    oh I see, and I suppose i'll find him at the end of a rainbow?....

  6. No, that's leprechauns. Cats are usually to be found in bags, under developers desks... Oops!