May 4, 2007

The Night of the Living SEGA Dreamcast

So, Sega decided to officially kill the Dreamcast by ceasing the production of GD-ROM discs and not offering any hardware service support whatsoever, which, let's face it, is quite a nasty thing to do, but not much of a shock really and definitely nothing to be mortally afraid of. After all, the GD-ROM is nothing more than a fancy name for a CD and Caleb of Hunyak Blog fame has been adamant in his belief that the Dreamcast is, indeed, undead. Thus, it cannot die, unless of course Blade gets it.

Admittedly though commercial software might run into some problems with the lack of official GD-ROM support, but considering that online distribution is a valid option and 400 megabyte downloads are no longer considered ridiculous, I wouldn't really worry. After all, DiscJuggler can burn CDs the GD-ROM way, be they homebrew games, diskmags, backup copies, emulators, whatever. And you don't need no stinking modchips either, as the Dreamcast is quite the pirates' dream console. Oh, and on a happy sidenote a new Neo Geo emulator for the DC has also just (well, not just, but ..uhm.. quite recently really) been released.

As for any hardware trouble, like -say- a malfunctioning laser lens, fan problems or a slightly deceased DC controller port you don't need no SEGA. You can fix it all yourselves (ok, I can't, but I'm a gnome; you can definitely try). Here's how.

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  1. I got my Dreamcast used a few years ago and it's still in top-working condition. However, that last link would come in use if I ever needed to fix mine, so of course Gnome delivers the goods again. (bookmarks link)

  2. Well, dear ross, a) thanks b) my DC has been acting all weird lately so I might have to actually try raping it... Sad, really.

  3. I will completely endorse what Ross said. Gnome you ALWAYS deliver the goods! Great post!

  4. Awesome post gnome. Thanks for the mention!

    Yes the Dreamcast is indeed the undead console and thus will be around FOREVER in spite of Sega's futile efforts.

    And since the Dreamcast has no heart to pierce with oak, no head to cut off, no mouth to stuff with cloves of garlic and no forehead to jam an iron nail into it cannot be stopped by the feeble undead hunters either.


  5. Ah, thank you so much dear Father, you ALWAYS are proving yourself a man of great taste ;)

    You're most welcome Caleb, and thanks for the DC characterization. And the SEGA inspired macabre optimism too...

  6. Two of my three Dreamcast's have gone all cranky with the len's conking out, so I might just try that lens calibration tutorial..

  7. Good luck with it Gagaman... Let us know how it went...