May 2, 2007

Patching & modding Resident Evil 4 PC to decency

Hopefully my less than glowing Resident Evil 4 PC review has protected you, oh dear and wise readers, from this abomination of a port, but frankly I know better than this. Some people, you see, just won't listen. Or learn. Mercifully enough though, even if you are one of the poor souls that just had to see what this RE4 fuss was all about and got the dreaded PC version, all hope is not lost.

For starters, the highly creative PC gaming community has come up with an RE 4 mod that adds mouse support, works decently and can be freely downloaded here (it's the MouseAim thingy you're looking for). Then, Capcom, miraculously sensing that such shoddy ports won't win any PC gamers' hearts, went on and produced a 70 megabyte patch that fixes many. Have a look at the above pic (blatantly stolen from the excellent Destructoid) to see what you should expect in terms of improvement.

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  1. My gamecube version laughs at the PC version.

    But still this looks to be a MAJOR improvement.

    When it comes to the cheap store for $5.00 I will consider buying it.

    Nice post Gnome.

  2. Excellent find Gnome, it broke my heart to think that people could get a poor version of a great (possibly THE best) videogame.

    Things like this help to keep the cosmos in balance. Well done sir!

  3. Ah, but thank you dear Father. Hopefully the Force will fare better when RE4 hits the Wii too...

  4. an essential companion piece to the review.... most excellent oh gnomest of gnomiest gnomes....

    how are you with stopped grandfather watches?

  5. The only reason I will get this is because in the next year, this game is going to be getting some awesome mods.

    Somebody out there is itching to rebuild RE1 or RE2 with this engine, I know it. And once they do so, I'll buy this game

  6. Stopped grandfather watches? Quite good really. How cme you're asking? Surely you aren't playing any adventures, huh? oh, and... thanks.

    Anonymous, those are fantastic news. Would you happen to know something more?

  7. "Somebody out there is itching to rebuild RE1 or RE2 with this engine, I know it. And once they do so, I'll buy this game "

    HOLY CRAP! That would be friggen' AWESOME! It would probably be a ton of work but still...

    Any new game based on this engine would be great. The Wii is coming out with Chronicles and the remake of Resident Evil 1 that looks about the same but I just want MORE content for RE4!!!!!

    ...which means I gotta pick up RE4 for PS2 sometime since I beat all the extra stuff in the gamecube version.

    ...Still a remake of RE2 with this engine...I can still dream.

  8. Wise as ever... Couldn't agree more really...

  9. Wonder if they will add these improvements to the Wii version..?

  10. Oh, I wouldn't worry about that Deitrix. The Wii version will look -at least- as good as the GameCube one. Feel safe. Here, 'ave a gun.

  11. dudes even though I was dumb enough to buy it for pc(i needed something to do in the airplaine)
    It is solid and with a couple of mods it can become even better than the ps2 version(even though it will never beat the wii version). and... if you want a couple of good laughs check out some of the RE4 mods on youtube

  12. You're quite right there my friend. Them patches turned RE4 into an almost respectable game, which I just wont play... Got meself the Wii version you see and can't wait to find the time...

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