Feb 1, 2007

True Combat: Elite

Time for another mod, and despite what people might have come to expect from this not particularly violent blog, this one's for Enemy Territory and its friends like to call it True Combat: Elite, while its developers buffingly go for the TC: Elite abbreviation. I'll just go all the way and call it TC:E. Heh, beat this...

Anyway. TC:E is a team-based and rather realistic modification set in the modern world. As for the current version (0.49), well, it is definitely very playable, balanced and sporting some pretty sweet eye-candy, but more importantly it is a free download. Apparently so is Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Better download both of them by clicking here, then.

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  1. wow the graphics do look impressive, first i've heard of enemy territory too.....

  2. Oh, but you must try it Mr. Elderly. It's an id FPS, you see.

  3. ah an id release, impreesivelymoregreaterally

  4. Slightly kinky too, but I'm sure not as painful as -say- a massage by a dominatrix.

  5. ...yes well probably not, but you must go with the pain.....
    as the tall reed sways in the wind,

    or the camel sucks in air before passing threw the needle...

    or the cheetah learns the advantages of an acrylic body paint as opposed to an oil based one........