Jan 31, 2007

The esteemed Game Design Wikiversity

A (more precisely the) Wikiversity is a Wikipedian version of a University, thus a Wiki that tries to avoid cataloguing Mortal Kombat fatalities or Star Trek bloopers and remains focused on something slightly more interesting. Also, and that's comparing it to proper Universities and not proper Wikis, it is highly improbable that a (the) Wikiversity will ever grant anyone any degree, which, frankly, is quite fine as degrees will never make you a rich man (or woman).

The School of Game Design, a young cyber institution consisting of two departments and affiliated to the School of Computer Game Design, is a proud new part of the (not a) Wikiversity. You can visit it simply by following this most academic of links. Expect to find quite a bit on ludology, game design or critique and other game related subjects, just don't expect to find tons of content. Not yet, at least. Oh, and, apparently you can help out too, preferably by contributing and editing content.

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