Jan 31, 2007

Sam & Max: Season 1 - Episode 3: The Mole, The Mob and The Meatball Walkthrough

[Dear readers, not-particularly-brave adventures and hapless passers-by, what follows is obviously a walkthrough to the brilliant Sam and Max episode 3. You don't really need it though as it's an easy game. Give it another try. Still stuck? Ok, read on...]

The Beggining

Right, the introduction just finished and Max dropped a card. An Ace of Spades. Pick it up and leave the office. Ride the Desoto to the Casino, where Lovey Bear will greet you and give you some tokens. Insert one into the whack da ratz thingy and shoot at least 20 of the orange rats. You've just won a Ted E. Bear refrigerator magnet. Pick it up, pick it up.

Now, to the poker table where Leonard is waiting. Have a go at his Indian Poker and lose. Know why? Well, he's a cheating little bastard... Leave the game and proceed towards the exit. Notice the huge clown's shiny nose right above the door? Lovely. Stick the Ace of Spades on it, return for another hand of poker with Leonard and win 10 million tokens. Horrah!

Leave the casino. Go to Bosco's Inconvenience Store. Ignore his French disguise and marvel at the installed anti-delivery system. Ask him what he's got to sell. Buy the miniature listening device/bug and return to the casino.

Walk towards the guard guarding (as nature intended) the Back Room Door. Talk to him. Use the organic listening device/bug on him and go play a game of one armed bandit (insert a token). Pick up the listening device, learn the password ("Leave the gun. Take the cannolis"), say it to the guard and he'll let you pass.

Joining the Mafia

In the Back Room ask to join the Mafia. You'll be assigned 3 tasks: deliver a teddy bear to Bosco's, whack Sybil (now a pro-witness) and recover the original Meatball Sandwich.

Getting the sandwich

Head back to the Sam and Max office. Leonard will be waiting. Switch to Max and tell him "Is that a cap gun?". It is, apparently. Now to interrogate the guy and torture him using yo' mama jokes. Sam will be saying the first part -the setup- and Max will be delivering the punchlines. Here are enough correct combos to reduce Leonard to a sobbing sad wreck:

-Yo' mama's so fat ... she has more folds than an origami accordion.
-Yo' mama's so radiant ... if she fell in nuclear waste no one would notice.
-Yo' mama's so punctual ... she showed up early for her own funeral.
-Yo' mama's so vulgar ... her mouth would make a longshoreman blush.
-Yo' mama's so perky ... only time she's lo is at a limbo contest.

You've got the cap gun and the one armed bandit's single arm. Go to the casino. Use the arm on the one armed bandit, enter a token and pick up the famed sandwich.

Whacking Sybil

Visit Sybil's place. Chat a bit. Take her precious coffee cup and bring it to Bosco's. Off to the condiments now. Use the coffee cup on them and fill it with ketchup. Return to Sybil's and give her back the cup. Now take out your gun and shoot the cup. That's that.

Bosco's Delivery

Drag the duo back to Bosco's store. Talk to him and tell him to "Look, it's the Toy Mafia!". He gets completely distracted. Now, put the Ted E. Beat refrigerator magnet on the anti-delivery camera. Place the teddy bear box on the Sale Table and voila... you're mafiosi.

The final Countdown

Enjoying the mob initiation celebrations? How about the car chase? To survive it, take out your gun and shoot one of them hanging signs as you approach it. The following pic should help:

Back in the Back Room (heh), enter through the sinister door into the factory. The boss will try to hypnotize you and you'll need to convince him he did. Shoot Max using the cap gun and avoid injuries. Now, walk to the one armed bandit. Pick up the screwdriver and use it on the one armed bandit. Get the voice box. Place the voice box in the hopper, take the altered teddy bear and use it on the boss (a.k.a. Harry). Now pull the lever. That's it. Game over.

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  6. Anything forthcoming on episode 4? Im stuck at one part towards the end (I think it is at least).

  7. Unfortunately not, as I didn't get manage to get a review copy this time...

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