Feb 26, 2007

Shredz64: Bringing Guitar Hero to the C64

Never played this Guitar Hero thingy and probably never will. Unless of course somebody actually gets me a mint C64 and then goes on to conjure the interface pictured above (or something very similar, really), that is. For, you see, dear Commodore loving masses, the immensely popular and hugely gimmicky Guitar Hero game is sort of coming to the C64, and will surely be using this high-tech looking bit. Just don't expect proper PS2 quality graphics or gameplay, and obviously not an official port. Or a port at all, for that matter. What you should expect though is a chance to plug the guitar-shaped controller into your C64, have it recognized and thus get a rare chance to play some GH-like mini-games. Interested? Good. Off to the Shredz64 Project webpage to find out more.

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  1. This is the coolest thing I've ever heard. EVER.

  2. I wouldn't have believed it unless i'd seen it, which i have and I still find it hard to believe, but hell I never knew the C64 came in mint flavour either...

  3. I appreciate the appreciation Amber, and, yes, it is indeed pretty impressive.

    (stops being nice, hits Elderly on head)

    Stop tasting hardware for chrissakes! it's bad for you and we'll have to cover the damages...

  4. ...Ouch! i only ran the tip of my tongue along the surface... it's not like i was going to really taste it....

    (taps surface of c64 with finger tip....)

    it's hard plastic, what possible damage could i have cau.....

    CrazzzzhsssssssssHHHH! THUD!.. bang!!


  5. Wow! Look at those prototype C64 interface guarding brutes. Ooohh...

    Oh, dear.


  6. This is the kind of stuff that I get really excited by * ... The cleverness of the types that can do this stuff is on a par with the stone masons who built gothic cathedrals...

    *and porn obviously...

  7. But how clever would a gothic artisan porn star be, after lifting some C64 boxes?

  8. Gasp! Cripes! You got me there!

    *James Kirk Voice* "Mind melting, thoughts crumbling... Vulcan mind meld..."

  9. Ah, FK apparently can't handle clasic Vulcan tricks... Heh. Weakness exposed apparently...

  10. ..so it was stone masons that started that porn thingy..... the longer i live the more i learn....