Feb 22, 2007

The very original & the original NES

Apparently the first NES version got scrapped by Nintendo of America and was replaced by the ROB featuring one. See the nice pictures? Good. That's the story behind them, really. (Pictures via this forum)

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  1. he's missed that telly by miles... then again the gun does look like a hammer.... so it's probably not surprising his aim was off.. the robot certainly looks worried

    (excerpt brought to you by the empathy with photographs foundation)

  2. Could a gnome join EwPF? Please? I can tell things too you know...

  3. What a pathetic comment...


    Gie mou, gie mou, pos ponooooo....

  4. Cool find! Like a cross between an Amiga and an old as dirt Apple Macintosh.

  5. Indeed oh J! Still, they scrapped it... tsk, tsk

  6. ...hmmm Gnome i'll have to ask the high council, thought the voice shows amazing strengths of honesty, unparelled in any test subject i've seen...

    here gnome this is our test photograph we show it to our initiates...

    what can you tell me about this photograph..?

    (shows picture of a aardvark grazing on a Swiss mountain....)

  7. Wow! That's hot stuff.... Imagine all the kinky stuff going on just out of sight.. Should I show it to voice now?

  8. no no no, you should comment on what you see, not what you imagine you see....


    aardvark.. green field.... Switzerald.... feel the empathy... sense the ambience.... now what can you tell me?

  9. sigh!... concentrate... look cute aarvark... lovely lush grass... rugges mountain... blue sky...

    ...how do you think the aardvark is feeling?