Feb 9, 2007

Mapping Maniac Mansion

All those Ms. So alliterative. So beautiful. So unmistakeably SCUMM. So retro adventurous. Oh, and clicking on the above image (brutally stolen from this place) should make things clearer and the splendour of Maniac Mansion obvious. And in case you were looking for a Maniac Mansion walkthrough do try these lovely UHS hints.

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  1. (sips tea, ponders dilemna....)

  2. I'm fucking pissed as a c**t. Both of yous better get your arse over to my place before I come lookin for yers. (HIC! FECK!etc.)
    No I really am...typing is hard and Chamone Segata etz.

    After I've hurled me ring I'll be back... or maybe not. haven't smoked though!!! Feck arse z**k

    Wiill read this in the moening wirh shame ... yer

    beer is shite

    Stay sobre kidz,

    etc, etc.

  3. Just cos i don't look like a cult leader doesn't mean I haven't gpt the potential and wig....


  4. (drives to FKs, pops back in)

    Ok, I'll be back at your place as soon as possible oh FK, cult-leader and master of the Saturn. Now, here's an aspirin. Elderly's fixing the tea.

    Well, you are, aren't you Elderly?

  5. tea? oh yes tea....

    of course making a large thermos now, you go ahead, i'll be right with you... that maniac mansion puzzle was just too hard....

  6. why isnt the telescope room on the map above the little man eating plant?

  7. Hmmm.. you're right... but as this map is based on the NES version, I'd guess it might have been left out...