Feb 9, 2007

Battlefield 40,000: the mod

Now, here's a straightforward post. Simply follow this link and download Battlefield 40k, a rather impressive and freely distributed Warhammer 40k mod for Battlefield 1942. Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 versions should soon follow. Just don't expect any Necrons or Orks yet. Do, on the other hand, expect lots and lots of Space Marines. Surely GW would be proud...

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  1. (sips tea, waves at friendly space marine...)

  2. (space marine gives Elderly a hanky, sips tea, waves back, purges the unclean)

  3. nice purge their space marine...

    (elderly claps space marine on the back...)

  4. (space marine smiles)

    You're quite the social-guy elderly....

  5. yeah well i've a special place in my heart for space marines, they're the only ones interested in saving our planet.... isn't that right buddy..

    (slaps space marine on the back...)

  6. (space marine slowly turns towards elderly. He says: "Purge")

  7. Do these Space Marines 'purge' the awful bugs out of said EA game? ;-)

  8. smiles at space marine... yes by all means purge away...

    (slaps space marine on the shoulder...)

    a space marine's gotta do, what a space marine's gotta do...

    (looking around.....) what are we going to purge by the way...

  9. Unfortunately Tom, what your looking for aren't the Space Marnes. They are the Patches and they're off in an ultra secret imperial mission.

    (meanwhile, on a barren planet, in the distant background, Elderly gets purged)


  10. Are you a fan of the Gaunt's Ghosts novels Gnome? I'm reading The Founding trilogy at the moment which is quite a bit of tasty fiction. It has more gore and incredibly detailed battle scenes than you can shake a lasgun at (I adore Dan Abnett!).

    I'm a big fan of Imperial Guard and Inquistor novels. Space Marines not so much as they all seem to be the same to me.

  11. Haven't read anything by Dan Abnet yet Tom, but really I haven't read too many GW fiction books. I did enjoy a few of them though...

    As for Inquisitor, judging from the overall fluff, I guess it might be a good idea to try....

  12. (leaves sme flowers.. gets purged too)



  13. "surely GW would be proud"

    that was great!

  14. Hehe, glad someone appreciated it :)


  15. Hi I'm [BF40K]Lionheart Project Leader of Battlefield 40k,
    Marines will be coming in on the 2nd release onwards for BF40K-BF2 & 2142.
    Right now we are working on Cadian Shock Troops vs Tau Empire.
    We are hoping to release infantry only to begin with this summer.
    Soonly followed by vehicles and custom terrain and buildings implemented into the maps making up release 1 of battlefield 40k.
    Space marines will be from release 2 onwards then in release 3 Chaos Space Marines.
    We are covering only these races:
    IG, Tau, Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Eldar and Orks.
    We will not be doing Necrons those are not in our plans.

  16. Thanks for the tip Lionheart. Keep up the good work!

  17. Message from BF40K Lionheart

    No worries gnome & others. The BF1942 version is managed by Fireball the original team are on BF2 & 2142 now.

    Out main website

    Some recent videos for you.