Feb 10, 2007

Runaway 2: The Dream of the Turtle Demo & (early) Review

Brian (hot nerd protagonist) and Gina (porny stripper sidekick) of surprise adventure hit Runaway have finally returned, shockingly starring in Runaway 2 The Dream of the Turtle, another traditional point-and-clicker. Thankfully, the distinctly cartoon-like graphics are once again brilliant, the animation fluid, the puzzles surreal and the humor definitely European. The official website isn't too shabby either.

More importantly, an intriguing and very playable demo has just been released. Start your download here and while waiting for the 430MB file to get itself stored, do read a nice Dream of the Turtle review.

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  1. I think I ACTUALLY....may....download this Gnome! Gotta broaden my gaming horizons as it were.

  2. the original is going for monkey nuts on amazon....

  3. Downloaded Cpt. Binarny, now I'm going to have to download this...

    You on a mission to meltdown my computer Mr. Gnome??

    Oh and BTW I will be trawling through the rest of the posts that I haven't commented on yet... Been sucked into RE Code Veronica...

    I know! Bloody rediculous isn't it?

    oh and BTW (2) I know I've been slacking on GGOTG recently and will address this shortcoming forthwith...

  4. Well, J, that's the spirit mate. Just make sure you don't broaden your horizons too much. One never knows...

    Indeed, wise Sir Elderly, but I'm sure one can find it for less... On magazine covers for example.

    Sorry, FK dear, but till your GGOTG absence is over you'll have to download an average 231.8 MB/day. Oh, and RE Veronica on the DC? I haven't bothered beyond watching the introand fumbling in the cell... Any good?

  5. fumbling with veronica... no missed that one..... missed the free disc as well... though fortunately dreamfall longest journey has finally made to our shores, pitifully though my pc is outside it's recommended specs.....

  6. A lovely retro PC it must be then... Lucky, lucky Elderly.

    (gnome's PC feels young and perky despite being almost 5 years old)

  7. I feel a Turtle's head touching the cloth of my under garments sometimes...

    Should I see a doctor?

  8. a turtles head? as in the pop psychelic band the turtles or the slow, shell carrying, crunchy on the outside soft in the middle variety,

    the last dreamfall game, not the original, which never even made it a blip on the horizon over here, (

    hugs his retro pc......)

  9. See an Elderly, FK. Right away. Ederly buy a turtle.

  10. (leaves.....re-enters carrying turtle......)

    i think it's dead.....

  11. Nope, it's not dead. Just sleeping.

    There, it moved!

  12. ..what? i missed it..... (puts turtle down on gnomes coffee table....) it's not moving now..... (puts ear to turtles little shell)

    no heartbeat.... no Gnome", it looks like it's dead, that movement might have been rigor mortis settting in.....

  13. Why, you stunned the poor beast...

    (quickly pushes turtle)

    There! It moved again!

  14. ...wow...it did move.... but why did it jump off the table..?

    (picks turtle carcass up.. puts it back on coffee table....elderly stares intently at turtle.....)

    ..nope it's stopped moving again... maybe it's hibernating...

    (pokes turtles head....)

    i dunno it's neck is as stiff as a branch...... im sure it's dead...... turtles don't have stiff necks.....

  15. Perhaps it's a Norwegia Blue... Rare but exquisite turtle really... Despite their trademark stiff necks...

  16. norwegian blue.... maybe.. but why are his eyes closed.... and its tongue sticking out.... I think I know a dead turtle when I see one... and this is a dead turtle.....

    (holds turtle up by one leg......)

  17. No.. It's simply scared and tired. Let the poor beast be.. Please Mr. Elderly...

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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