Jan 19, 2007

Behold the party power of the NES

8-bit consoles are here to stay, even if discotheques have eclipsed and people don't listen to Europe music anymore. What follows though, is more than a video of an impressive real-time demo running on a Nintendo NES (or Famicom, whatever suits you really), featuring some rather funky music and a silly name: Quantum Disco Brothers. It's a wamma creation, presented at the Stream 2006 demoparty, and it's a full-blown, cutely tasteless 80s cultural counter-attack. Oh, and it fits in only 64k.

Oh, and since the video quality is slightly shite, better download the demo and run it yourselves. You know, by using an emulator...

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  1. Simply stunning and very bootylicious!!! Get down with yo'self you bad mo'fo!

  2. How the hell do you download this shit? I'm having a rave for myself tonight in my living room with erm... me, and I want the lighting and visuals to be just right...

    Oh shit! I've just refused myself entry and am now listening to all the fun going on whilst standing in the kitchen on my own...

    I knew I shouldn't have worn those trainers...


    (BTW I've slipped off the wagon and am having a drink to celebrate the silly racist person being evicted from the reality show...)

    And I really do know how to get that stuff on my computer...

  3. Party time! Except wtih more NES action and less nudity, beer, and awful music.

  4. Kitcheeeen party!!!!!!

    Hooorah! Lovely! Brilliant! Oh and do let yourself in next time dear FK...

    Oh, and ross, a NES over nudity and alcohol? You're weird...

  5. damn this reminds me of the mushroom party in enniscorthy circa 1977, even down to the thigh high boots.... man it was like a flashback.... or was it really a flashback.....! whichever it's ace....

  6. Well, Gnome, you dont know what type of people show up at these so called "gaming parties". Cheap beer and, uh, you wouldent wanna see these people in the nude...

    Though I would rather take a good party over a NES, I would rather take a NES over a bad party. Not so weird now, eh?

  7. Elderly, I've just never pictured you in thigh high boots... Still I guess you were on mushrooms at the time...

  8. Ross, to be honest, the demo parties, which I don't believe you got over there, are not gaming parties... And there are rather interesting people there, good-looking too. Oh, and beer? Nono... Definitely not. ;) Really. Still, it's a valid: a NES is better than a shitty party, indeed.

    (grabs one of Elderly's mushrooms)

    Were you in Holland during the 70s? What is the Father talking about?

    FK, how can an Elderly fit on a mushroom?

  9. Heh, I hope you liked it at least as much as we had fun creating it ;)

  10. Well, definitely less I'm sure, but quite a bit nonetheless :)

  11. (rolls a mushroom acroos the floor to Gnome......builds mushroom tower.....draws a smiley face on a big mushroom)

    Flashbacks can be fun..... and it's quite likely i sat on a mushroom back in 1977....

  12. Oh come on now, that's unfair. I wasn't sitting anywhre during '77. Let alone mushrooms... By the way, that's quite a tower. What's it filled with?

  13. (ponders trick question... )

    erm mushroo....ooms