Nov 2, 2006

Secret Files: Tunguska Walkthrough and Demo

A post right to the point: Secret Files: Tunguska is a finely produced new point-and-click adventure game. You can get a rather hefty demo dose of it (over 500Mb of inventory managing fun) by clicking here. For a walkthrough try GameBoomers or Yahoo! Games. Here's an interview with the game's designers. 'nuff said.

[UPDATE 28 Nov. 06] Want a patch, an update and a brand new ending added to the game? Good. Click here.

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  1. The game looks pretty! No time for it tho'... Gears of War is coming here in 5 days.... :) :o :) :o -that is "Im so excited!!" in DOS language!!!

  2. ..nuff said? i don't think so mr.Gnome, like is there any sex in the game for example, nudity perhaps, entrails even.....

  3. (DEITRIX opens door)
    Well heck!! He's not in here either..?!?!?

  4. (brings the golfish for a walk, feeds the rubbish bin.... Wobbles..... then returns to Gnomes tequila collection.....)

    speed wobble....hic!

  5. OK I downloaded this... or so i thought... could not get past the download process however... just ended up with a nice icon on my desktop... could I play the game? no... 'cos every time I clicked on the icon it sent me back through the installation process... BAH!and this is why I hate computers...
    Cos unlike all of you ICT WIZARDS... I'm just some new kid on the block who doesn't know it's i.t. arse from his elbow...
    would like to review the demo but i never can or will... where's me Dreamcast? Oh there you are.. want me to pop a game in , press start and play... Ok and leave these downloaded games to cleverer people... oh O.K then... I'll never leave you again... Thank god I'm back in 1999 where I feel safe... (father krishna spits out dummy and dons cosplay Voldo outfit.. puts on slippers and sulks...)

  6. Father, oh poor father, Krishna. Clicking repeatedly on the downloaded file wont help. Just delete it after installing and click on the proper icons, the way god intended you to .... Now, let go of that Dreamcast...

    Oh, and Elderly old friend, precious comrade, you wouldn't know anything on the mysterious dissappearance of 3 of my bottles?

    (pssst. deitrix. Here I am)

  7. Well who's a clever boy then?
    i have just had a fresh look at this and been playing it for a bit... It reminds me of playing Casper The Friendly Ghost on the Saturn... still a Red Letter day... My first experience of PC gaming! now where's me Dreamcast?

  8. It should be riiiight... there! Fund it?

    Come on, don't tell me you weren't intrigued by dear TUnguska?