Nov 2, 2006

TES IV: Oblivion Hints and Maps

Oblivion. The mature version of the Elder Scrolls franchise and the most PC-ish game to ever grace them puny consoles. Also quite a beast of a game, featuring tons of quests, side-quests, faction-quests, vanilla-quests, huge plains, interesting cities, huuuge tracts of land, hundreds of (sort of) intelligent monsters and absolutely no whores. Believe me, loosing focus or just plain dying isn't so improbable. That's why most people would charge you for an Oblivion guide. Not gnomes though....

We even provide with maps, that will quite obviously help you get around the place. Better use this highly interactive map or this pretty but unclickable one.

For hints on (I believe) every quest there is, general guidance and a ridiculous ammount of information head over at the excellent UHS The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion page. If on the other hand you'd rather read something more ... err... essential, why not have a look at my Oblivion essentials reminded post? It covers performance and gameplay enhancing issues, it does.

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  1. I have all this information stored in my head!! Sad, but true...!
    A good 350 hrs of play time will do that...

  2. (hangs head in unmoddable shame....) shoulda upgraded my pc, i know, and you will continue to remind me won't you.... here pull my nails out why dont' you....

    (nice post.... Oblivion is what the 360 console was made for.. and the highlight of my last year)

  3. (DEITRIX opens Oblivion Gate)
    Oh hey Elderly! Didnt know you where here.. No, you can keep your nails...
    Has Gnome been in here at all..? Maybe he went to Imperial City for some weekend shopping..? I'll check there.

  4. (microwaves the laundry and ponders as to why the washing machine won't heat his food.... gives up and returns to Gnomes Tequila ..... Gnomes whiskey collection.....)

  5. Ah Elderly so kind of you to take care of the place. It's lovely, really. Cant really thank you enough... care for some tea, tequila, biscuits, along with whiskey and pizza?

    Oh, and.. uhm...Deitrix... 350 hours... hmm... yes. It is sad... :)