Oct 15, 2006

Scratches Walkthrough and ...err... stuff

As far as node-based point-and-click horror adventures go, Scratches is the best game we've had for quite some time. The atmosphere is excellent, the story amazing and the sense of dread definitely enjoyable. As for the sound... ah, yes, the sound... it will have you screaming like a little girl that just met Jason.

Typically though, some puzzles do get quite a bit on the obscure (aka frustrating) side of things, and that's what walkthroughs, FAQs, hints etc are for: preserving your preciously relaxed state of mind. To help you, here's a mix of the best Scratches links around:
Scratches walkthrough @ Just Adventure +
Scratches walkthrough @ GameBoomers
Scratches hints @ UHS

More links of interest include the amazingly lengthy, detailed and full of spoilers discussion of Scratches' ending and story found here, and the quirky Easter Egg Patch found here (US version only).

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  1. (elderly enters)

    scuse me just walking through....

    (elderly scratches......then leaves)

  2. How'd you do that without a walkthrough?

  3. (elderly backtracks....) do what?

    (looks around him).... me?

  4. I might get this... What year did it come out? I like the mood of the screenshot you posted... Where can I see more?

  5. It is a very interesting game indeed, and it only came out a few months ago... have a look here:


    (better try the demo first though... you might not like the interface)

  6. ...? i've always scratched..

    sometimes consciously (scratches nose, displays concentration)

    sometimes unconsciously (lift head back, sticks out tongue and sratches throat....)

    sometimes, when i'm alone... and it's dark... and everyones gone to sleep..... i write the word "scratchy" on a tissue and burn it at the altar of Azlathroth....

    but thats only at the weekends...


    so i guess i didn't need the walkthrough... but it's comforting to know it's here, if i ever forget to scratch..... which is possible but unlikely....


  7. Aha! A professional Scratch-meister... A person able to simultaneously scratch himself and type... It's an honor y'know... No wonder you didn't need a walkthrough. Most impressive Mr. Elderly.

    Give my regards to Azlathroth.

  8. ....well actually he said the same, mumbled something about you owing him souls and stuff.....oh and eternal retribution for defaulters... whatever that means....

  9. Fuck! He hasn't forgotten, has he? Would you dear Elderly be kind enough to give him thir ...errr...uhm... gift on behalf of me?

    Nice. Thanks!

  10. (takes polished oak box.... ) sure no problem.... what's in it?

  11. Nothing you should worry about really... Just a clock. He loves 'em you know...

  12. (heads back to Azlathroth, presents him with the box.......Elderly returns to Gnomes house....looking slightly confused...)

    ...well that was strange, he took the box... looked at me and smiled

    said something about my soul being his.......

    strange bloke.....

  13. (Kaboom... in the background)

    I wouldn't worry... He's never been that smart y'know... My guess is his already banished....

  14. ..banished? they still do that...? wow! some cultures are just plain .... .different.....

    anyway Zebedee says it's time for tea.....