Oct 15, 2006

1963. The year of the mouse.

Apparently the mouse appeared long before the Apple LISA almost reached the mainstream. It was developed back in 1963 by Douglas Engelbart, who (according to Wikipedia) called it the "bug", and (according to sources speaking right out of my arse) hadn't quite realized the gaming potential of the thing. Anyway. Here are the pics and blueprints (snatched from this excellent place) of said mouse-bug-thingy:

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  1. 1963? That's when the mouse I'm using right now was invented?

    Hmm, maybe I should really upgrade my mouse... It is a little old... and not that comfy... and square...

  2. Well, Ross my friend, I'm pretty sure you're using a slighty more up to date mouse :)

    Still, an upgrade is always a fine idea...

    See you've updated the blog too. Nice!

  3. That's unreal...I never knew where the mouse originated. Great article as always Gnome. :)

  4. A mouse without a ball, whatever will they think of next....

  5. A ball-less mouse?

    Oh, and thanks a lot tom.

  6. Wooden mice...? Just think of the possibilites in a modern range...various varnish finishes, different types of wood...and superb absorption of sweat. Excellent!

  7. A cunnig plan, if I ever saw one. Tomleece you are a genius. We'll be so amazingly rich it's going to be dull... What do you say Elderly dear? Isn't this a great idea?

  8. it is most certainly one the bestest ideas.... (takes another swig of tequila....) i've had ever had the

    hic!...sorry ...

    pleasure of hearing about... (takes a little sip...) most assuredly and will contribute enourmoussshoulllsssly to the
    (drinks a bit more...)

    re-development of marquetery.....

    if you'll excuse me i must Hic! ..sorry! drain the elephant....

  9. Where are the censors whe we need them? Anyway... You're not in a position to discuss such things right now...

  10. The funny thing is if a version of that mouse would come out today, only in laser tho' it would sell like hotcakes!!

  11. Gnome I just love this site. i'm here more and more each day.
    "sources right out of my arse" made me laugh out loud. Love the variety of stuff. Loved the '5 Reasons To Buy A Dreamcast' article too. Superb stuff.
    Was there any real mice employed in the technology? I can just picture them scurrying backwards, forward and sideways inside the litlle wooden casing...

  12. Well, Deitrix, you know something? You might just be right! Let's start selling these right after we finish the board-game ;). Any manufacturing abilities?

    Father Krishna, thank you very much for your kind words. Really. Can't really think of something else to say...quite embarassing that...thanks. You know I love your stuff, dont you? Oh, and I did notice the comment at the top 5 DC owning reasons post...

  13. And what I really love is instant feedback from a genuine gnomic blogging God.
    You know I think with all the love generated on these sites we could overthrow the oppressive Blogger, and create a Utopian cyber world which we could all move to... Where we would never have to work or worry about money... Where Angelina Jolie would really fancy us...
    Where we could dance with unicorns, eat only ambrosia and psychedelic mushrooms, drink the finest skunk wine, and ride around on rainbow coloured clouds all day.. with Dreamcasts attached to them...
    Sorry where was I?

  14. Apparently @ the same blog where I was ;)

    And let me point out (to anyone reading, especially if of the ... uhm... feminine kind) I do not particularly like Angelina... After all she does belong to Elderly... You could of course have a Wynona. No?

    As for this mushroom, creative slacking, DC infested socialism, well, I'm all for it!

  15. OK Maybe I was being idealistic...
    So Angelina's spoken for eh? Damn you Elderly...
    Wynona? Great in Beetlejuice and A Scanner Darkly, but what if her shop lifting tendencies bring shame upon our love child?
    OK let's get realistic. I'll take Marj Simpson or the beautiful Cyclopic Leela from Futurama. Grrrr! Or Salma Hayek...

  16. Admittedly settling for Ms. Salma Hayek isn't such a bad deal after all. I'd suggest you ask her for her patented snake dance on a daily basis... Just don't let her do her impression of Frida, cause I'll do my Riveira...

  17. If I remember rightly, didn't she turn into a deadly blood sucking vampire slightly soon after? Cripes!
    OK I'll settle for Liz Mcdonald off Coronation Street. And that's as low as I'll go... and I still want the mushroom, ambrosia, skunk wine, rainbow cloud, with attached Dreamcasts O.K.?

  18. OK, I'm fine with this arrangement... Liz Macdonald it is then (who the hell is she anyway?). Along of course some mushrooms an' stuff.

    Oh, and can I bring me a tequila?

  19. (enters wearing Angelina Jolie t-shirt.....)

    Liz mc Donald whas the hottest milf in the entire UK TV schedule.. she left to pursue something... returned to the show a number of years later..... and had lost her zizzle, sprakle, karashim dingle.... she left a goddess and came back a mum.. major life upset

    .... soon after i discoverd (pointing at his shirt)

    my Angelina.....

    (lost in reverie.....)

  20. (sniff, seufz and other realted sounds play in the background)

    That was so touching Mr. Elderly. Sort of like ancient tragedy. Especially the tragic milfs to mum part... Just horrid...

    Still, you got your Angelina.