Sep 30, 2006

A rather handy e-book...

Ever wanted to optimize your Windows XP running PC? Ever wanted to achieve everlasting rock-stardom? Actually bend it like Beckham? Reach the net's end? Save some money, that will allow you to survive another day? Get to visit Lenin's mausoleum?

Of course you do. You always did. Unfortunately all I have to offer is another PDF. 62 pages from the not-so-aptly named Windows XP Annoyances for Geeks (the service pack 2 covering edition) focusing on what gamers worldwide crave for: maximizing hardware performance without spending a thing or sacrificing loved ones to weird deities.

Get this freebie of a PDF e-book by clicking here (or by right-clicking and saving-as).

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  1. thank you!!! what a gift.....

    (three hours later and smoke is seen rising out of elderly's computer...)

  2. Here, have this screwdriver.

  3. (stands in front of blazing computer... with screwdriver.....)

    thanks Gnome... just what i needed, it'll come in handy when i have to chip off the molten plastic from my desktop......

  4. Ok. Here's an apple then.

  5. apple? what you've no marshmallows? life has a terrible way of adding insult to injury.... that bloody pdf..... no bloody chapter 4, i knew i should have read chapter 4 first but oh no, i'll just overclock the moterboard and everthing will be fine... cause it's in the Pdf, I can't go wrong.... too bloody trusting i am......

  6. Well, I do have marshmallows, it's only I believe they would sound ironic in the whole context. But please, relax, remeber, you still got your Xbox 360. And look what I've got: a spanking free tweak your Xbox pdf! (missing only 3 chapters)

  7. (holds up crucifix....) back! back! begone oh devil incarnate......

    (strains to see the contents of the xbox 360 pdf.....)

  8. (Elderly catches a glimpse of "chapter 2: How to disable your Xbox's internal cooling system")