Jul 27, 2006

Knightsquire: The Walkthrough

Hah! See what gnomes can do? They can review the brilliant Knightsquire and be thoughtful enough to promptly provide with the necessary (for our adventure-challenged comrades, that is) walkthrough. Perhaps the first to appear on the net. Gasp with excitement, yawn with lust and read on, oh not-so-brave adventurer.

Part 1: The Knight's Place

The game has started and the squire is still asleep. Oh, dear, dear. Grab the lance and poke him with it. Good. Now transfer the sword from the squire to the knight. As the knight use the sword to open the chest and take the dagger. Use the dagger on the window to open it. Now take the blanket from the bed (of sorts) and give it to the squire. Use the sword on the candlebra, have the squire pick up the chandelier and give it to the knight. Use the chandelier on the window. Transfer the blanket and the sword to the squire and have him climb through the window to the roof.

Now, being a squire on top of a castle, use the sword to cut the flagpole, walk to it and use the blanket on the now fallen flagpole. Go to the guard, talk to him, go down the ladder, talk to the other guard, and use the stairs to the room to go up, outside the knight's locked door. Now look at the armor, use it (well touch it actually) and a gauntlet along with the key will fall. Use the key to open the door, thus liberating your master.

Switch to the knight. Go to the throne room and talk to your King in order to learn about your quest. Yes, it's princes saving time. Again. Now go to the library. Use the green book, then the yellow book and finally the blue one in order to open the gates (figured out why? No? Have a look at the colors the guards are wearing... ponder on their cohort numbers... smart kid). Now, exit the castle and go adventuring.

Part 2: The Ogre's Lair

Nasty place. Have the squire enter the cave to pick up the meat and look at both the Ogre and the human remains. Then have him pick up a small rock, enter the tower and take the rope, the bow & the arrows, and to look at the wooden floor. Transfer the small rock to the knight. Switch to knight. Use the sword to cut and take the giant leaf. Now, throw the stone to the nest. A feather will fall. Pick it up. Have the squire enter the tower and use both candles. Now, get the knight in the tower. Having them both in there is a nice opportunity to chat. Have the knight speak to the squire. A trapdoor will open.

Take the bow string from the trapdoor, use it on the bow. Use the rope on the completed bow and give it to the knight. Have the knight shoot the bow at the open window. Smile at the ensuing scene, and give the giant leaf and feather to the squire. Switch to squire. Use the giant leaf on the gap and then put the meat on it to complete a devious anti-Ogre trap. Go to the Ogre and use the feather on him (her/it).

Now, being the squire and all, climb to the window to rescue the princess. Talk to her. Look at the hole (heh). Take the cushions and use them on the hole. Click on the hole. That's all there was to it. You've won.

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  1. princess looks pretty....... sorry!

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  2. quite pixel-arty looking, but pretty none the less.

    Glad you enjoyed the walkthrough. Quite an easy little adventure...

  3. easy for you probably, i have problems finding the button on the alarm clock....

  4. I have trouble finding the alarm clock...

    Games i can handle, clocks never. Or watches for that matter.

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    speaking of time.... has anyone ever did any research on where the time goes when your playing your favourite game?

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  13. i cant get cauntlet to drop pls help

  14. PLease, do elaborete... Haven't played the game for months... Cheers!