Jul 27, 2006

PC Review: 'Knightsquire'

Right. Damn Firefox. You've just lost me my wonderful review and now I have to retype the whole bloody thing. Great! Probably something meant to happen during a Monday I guess, but I definitely digress. You, dear reader, are not here to read about my browser frustrations, are you? Of course not, you're here because it's summer.

Aaaah, yes, summer-time. Beaches, Tequila with a slice of orange, fruit with a slice of Tequila, overheated PCs and the chronic lack of money. Enter Independent Gaming and its brand new freeware find: Knightsquire (and not Knight's Quest). A brilliant short adventure game that might just help you save enough money to treat yourself to your favorite alcoholic poison.

Knightsquire, lovingly crafted by none other than buloght (?), is apparently a game about a knight and his squire. Make that better a game about a knight, his squire and a door stuck shut. Not very epic in scope, but funny, quirky and touching on the delicate subject of squire-maltreatment (quite the class issue in medieval Europe), Knightsquire is a rather traditional point and click adventure, that's slightly reminiscent of Gobliins 2 (see Gobliins 2 @ mobygames). Following a long adventuring tradition it lets you pick up , examine, interact with and use a variety of inventory objects, sporting mostly inventory driven puzzles. Oh, and it will entertain you for at least a couple of hours, provided of course you aren't the ultimate adventure gaming genius.

Anyway. On to the visual arts front, oh most perceptive and observant of readers, where as you should have already noticed Knightsquire sports brilliant low-res 2d graphics, with a distinct comic-book feel and buckets of color (well 32bits of it actually). Stylish eye-candy I would characterize it, were I not so majorly irritated by Firefox, thus getting all cranky and nasty, thus avoiding any good-hearted exaggerations.

Still, you get the point. It's beautiful. Download the game here and beat it. Just not to hard. It's a precious little gem after all. And it lets you control both the knight and the squire. I swear I even heard of a resident princess!

That's a (nine) out of (ten).

[UPDATE: Here's the walkthrough]

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  1. highly rated then, even during a firefox rage.... though poking the knight at the start did curb my initial enthusiasm....

  2. But why? Poking things can be immensly enjoyable...

  3. ...... yes but.... i mean.... knights? you can't just go around poking knights indiscriminately...... there are laws and stuff.....

  4. Yes, but, you see, laws ar meant to be broken at the barricades...

  5. no they're not laws are meant to be obeyed...... just imagine if we poked a sleeping Knight in real life...or a dragon for that matter?

  6. Yes, but if we poked a knight from a barricade...thusands of us, all kitted with majestic poking things...

    As for te dragon...well... that's what laws are for...

  7. so theres one law for knights and another for knights on barricades and yet another for dragons.......

    they should have one law that says no poking.......

  8. Just like Solon... Wise and right to the point.

  9. what? I am? nahhh your kiddin.....

    (looks around...) me?
    thats twice in one month...... damn...


  10. Thanks for the great walkthrough and review :).

  11. Thanks for a great game buloght!