Jul 25, 2006

"Οι γνώμοι": gnomes in Greek

(We few, we happy few, we band of brothers)

It's already been three (thr33 in ninja speak) whole years since us, the gnomes, an eclectic mix of gamers, artists and fantasy aficionados, managed to publish the first (and apparently only) issue ever, of the almost legendary magazine called the gnomes. The fact, of course, that the mag was quite a bit in Greek meant it's actual name was "οι γνώμοι", two words crudely pronounced as "i gnomi", which oh-so-happens to sound exactly like the Greek word for opinion.

And opinionated it was. And gaming centered. And sporting an excellent cartoonist and a half-mad painter. Also two lawyers, a porny chemicals expert, a crazy person periodically working in China, a pure Heavy Metal fan, a rural and surveying engineer and yours truly. Also, also, lots of gnomes and an Epicurean reference.

Actual content included reviews of the Lord of the Rings and Engel RPGs, a miniature painting guide, interviews, a sarcastic glance at the Greek version of Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition, a Bards' look at the music of Willow, book reviews, a ludology article of sorts, more DnD stuff, Game Mastering stuff and more stuff in general.

Our first issue, unexpectedly dubbed issue 0 can be downloaded here and its cover along with a polemic article versus anti-RPG bigots here. The online only (thus cheaper to produce, thus featuring extra articles) version can be found here. It might be in Greek, but the layout is top. Just like the prose actually...

We actually gave 1000 printed issues away. For free.

Then we went on and built ourselves a website. It was quite a nice one mind you(gnomoi.com), but now it's been snatched by a porn provider, which I happen to find a suitably appropriate upgrade of cyber space. Still the WayBackMachine can be helpful. Have a look here...

That's about it, really... I'm off to cry tears of nostalgia now. You go on, have fun, keep on with your lives. See if you can decipher the Greek alphabet. Enjoy your insensitive selves.

Sniff... Seufz...

[UPDATE]: To download the PDFs of the magazine follow this link. It works and always (well, almost) will.

(there you go Mr. Elderly, now you know all there was to it)

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  1. your face on the cover of a magazine.....and glowing on the website from bygonia..... hail to thee Gnome..... munificent father of the Greek adventure magazine

  2. a joy unique in the history of the genre (vanity triumphant). Still, if I am allowed to paraphrase: "We're not dead yet. We feel happy!!"

  3. Thank you oh master of the realm of bygonia. And what a face huh?

    Brave sir Knight... guess you feel happy. Good for you, but why? Really, why?

  4. look yonder....a nii saying knight

    indeed gnome, a majestic face... nay regal....... nay celestial......

  5. regally unshaven........ anyway valets are pretty hard recruit these days.......

  6. So they say... So they say...

  7. do they, they say that?, i just made it up i hadn't a clue, and i was right?

    well hot jumping candy floss....

    we could revive the industry.... get rich, renting out valets by the hour.

    I can see it gnow.....

    You gnome it to yourself, get valeted......

  8. Aristocrats are our choice market... And the pay by the day, which quite nice, as a day does have 24hours, and our valets will be rented by the hour, and the hourly rate can't be anything less than 15$. Now multiply x4...

  9. ... a million a week, though im still trying to figure out what currency....

    The aristocracy .... wow, your right perfect target market. I've never met any aristocr... aristocracites.... what are they like?

  10. Don't really know... I thik they wear black hats...

    Oh, and keep it in euros.

  11. yoyos it is, ..... ahhh oh dear our profit margins don't look as good in yoyos

  12. Perhaps we should try selling staff to the bourgouis too?

    They 've got lots of ;em yoyos.

  13. you mean sla slav slavery.......

    i dunno, what if we get caught?

  14. Oops...

    I meant stuff.


  15. yeah stuff..... nothing whatsoever to do with anything including related to slavery thingies... just discussing stuff really,

    don't you agree mr.gnome, weren't we not talking about stuff what might be you know stuff......

    (nervous laugh..)

  16. he he..

    of course..

    Just plain old stuff... it's just that us gnomes usualy mix a with u and all these weird things happen.

    Still. Stuff it was.


  17. aye we were only discussing stuff.....

    so if like there was anybody that thought we like.... facied the whole concept of slavery and pron, they'd be so wrong wouldn't they Mr.Gnome......

  18. Of course they would... After all we're so anti-pron the pron (and porn) mafia is after our poor selves all the time...


    Besides, talking about stuff is perfectly legal..

  19. Are you guys greek? Just a thought. I still have my copy of "οι γνώμοι" and plan on giving it to an RPG playing friend of mine as a severely collectible present. He is going to love it.

  20. Well, we definitely are quite a bit Greek Lyco and also happen to still own a huge stack of the bloody thing. All you need to do for more issues is quite frankly ask.