Jul 24, 2006

Virtual GameBoys and a pinch of DOOM

Apparently Mr. David Winchurch is a brilliant man. A man of immense courage and proficient in the ways of programming Java based emulators. A man who provides us all with a chance to play dozens of Gameboy and Gameboy Color games from the comfort of our browser. A man indeed (well, whatever this means)! Thankfully, Nintendo hasn't found out anything about it, so, let's just keep it quiet.

Click here (while you still can and as discreetly as possible) and enjoy dozens of timeless classics like Super Mario Land, Tetris DX, Castlevania 3 or Columns. As usual, for free.

If, on the other hand, DOOM is what makes you tick, try to at least enjoy the thing under WinXP. It's rather simple. Download Doom 95 and see for yourselves.

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  1. *Plays Mission: Impossible theme*

    Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to not let Nintendo know about this. This tape will self destruct in five seconds.

    Excellent find Gnome. Now I can play all my favorite GameBoy games such as the *bleep* ing hard Super Mario Land.

  2. And of course Castlevania.. Perhaps even record a speedrun ;)

    Other than that, I'm always glad to help a friend save his precious money.

    Now, shhh... Nintendo might be somewhere around ... Let's keep this one dscreet!

    (truns off Cd playing the MI theme tune)

  3. Your a evil man Gnome. This is busiest I have ever been in my life and you post this link. :-)

    R-type is awesome. I never played it on the gameboy before but its damn hard and addictive.

    Oh and dont worry my lips are sealed. Great find Gnome.

  4. Thanks a lot Tahir. Hope you too enjoy it while it lasts... For me its a rare (the first actually) opportunity to play the fabled Tetris DX!

    On a sidenote, I'm not a gnome-man nor a man-gnome, or anythng in between. Just a gnome. Evil at times, but always a gnome!


  5. (enters holding a tube of superglue)

    hhhm hmmmmm hmm hhhmmmmmmm

    mmmmm mmm!

  6. And what's this supposed to be for, oh wisest of the wise?

    (hum discreetly please)

  7. (fearful that he would betray the whereabouts of the secret gameboy emulator, the old man had sealed his lips. He was not to know that his words of thanks would never be spoken, or indeed heard by the friend he sought to protect)


  8. (a wise series of moves my friend)

    (careless whistle)

    fiu fiu

  9. DOCTOR DAVE is indeed a GENIOUS..!!!

    I happen to work with the man and the ideas that just run from his brain are almost impossible to keep up with at times.

    So, be aware Dave Winchurch is still doing stuff in Java. If you need to contact him, just let me know on the BLOG/FORUM and I will pass on your messages..!!!

  10. Dear Anonymous, I guess I fully agree with you... Dr. Dave must indeed be a genious. Just -if it's possible- do pass my thanks and congrats to him. Thanks!

  11. Folks...
    This may be crazy to ask.. but.. Do you think I can get permission to use a screen capture of one of the gameboy emulations in an educational presentation ? .. Just asking

  12. Now, dear anonymous, as I'm not sure what you are asking or exactly, let me just tell you that a) you can freely use any of the pictures on this site b) as most emulators are open source programmes under the GPL don't think anyone would have anything against you using any screen captures whatsoever... Cheers!