Jun 3, 2006

A gnome can't have enough Warhammer rumors

Indeed. Oh, and let me warn you, this is going to be quite a picture intensive post. Apparenlty an orc-minded one too.

So, on to the new Orcs and Goblins rumors. We all know they will be the next army to get unleashed upon an unsuspecting players' community, and now we also know, they will definitely look something like this (via):

Cute. Rumored rules changes suggest that choppas will remain choppas (thus +1 S) even when two of them are used at the same time (and place) and that every unit will be able to get upgraded to Big 'Uns. Forest Goblins will definitely be featured (along with Spider Riders of course) and so will the much-loved Skarsnik (via):

On the Warhammer 7th edition rules front, some things have started to get clearer (as I've cross-referenced on quite a few sites, including the Warhammer Forum and Warseer). Still, take the following with a pinch of salt; they are only rumors:

- Characters and members of the command group can be placed anywhere in the front rank.

- Rank bonus will require at least 5-model wide ranks.

- Battle Standard and Unit Standard CR bonuses stack.

- Only minor weapon changes: mounted Great Weapons only get +1 strength, handweapon and shield bonus remains (at least when fighting enemies to your front).

- Minor changes in the magic system, and a new rather brutal miscast table.

- Rules get tidied-up and ... er ... more things get changed.

Guess, that's that for now. You could though read something Warhammer related, like some older news & rumors, a review of WD 317 (there's a new one coming...) or a Warhammer video gaming feature.

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  1. So, Gnome... are you considering a Warhammer blog in the future in addition to your two other fine ones? You seem to be quite a fan...

  2. Nah, not really. I'll be keeping the Warhammer content at the Lair... Besides I got 2 papers and a PhD to get over....

  3. Closest I ever got to a game like this was runequest (pen and paper), but I'm salivating at the thought of countless of these minatures laid out on a battlefield. The modeller for those pieces, is gifted.

  4. Great pieces indeed, but at (aprox.) 8 pounds a pop, hardly cheap...

  5. how many give or take a dozen, would you need for a full sized battle. (tightly holds on to his rocking chair)

  6. That would be something over 200 British pounds per army, if of course you were buying from a discount store and were not going for a horde styled army...

    Pricey isn't it?

    And then you'd have to paint all those minis.

  7. Pricey, but the painting bit that sounds like......... brilliant!!
    Jeez i'm regressing with advancing age.

  8. It's highly rewarding, and amazingly (quite unexpectedly too) relaxing. Can't recommend it enough..