May 14, 2006

Battle for Skull Pass and other cute little Warhammer rumors

I'm quite aware of the fact that Battle for Skull Pass has been quite a bit featured here, on Gnome's Lair (for a nice example, you can click here). After the latest news I've posted on it, only a few things remained unclear. Perhaps even unclean, but that's a personal matter. Well, no more! The final details, which include the sprues shown (via the Warhammer Forum), have been revealed. The Warhammer 7th edition box set (Battle for Skull Pass) will hit the shelves this Autumn (perhaps even late August), including Dwarfs, Goblins, a beginner's booklet and a condensed version of the 7th edition rulebook. What is more important, is that buying the boxed set, will also get you the new rulebook for free (when -of course- it gets released). Full details will be revealed in UK White Dwarf 321. Great. If only the miniatures were a bit more on the decent side...

On further news from the rumor front, I can also confirm the apparently well known fact that Orcs and Goblins should be getting a new armybook soon after the release of the box set. Quite a few of rumors are flying around (changes in animosity, Spider Riders ignoring terrain etc), but the only thing that's for sure is that the Forest Goblins will be making a comeback. Oh, here are the sprues of the nice and soon to be released Orc Boss. Quite plastic and discovered at

Well, I am quite sure that's all there is to it. That, and a nice picture from Warseer actually. Gotrek and some other Dwarf apparently:

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