Jun 3, 2006

X marks the post

Let it be known, Urbi et Orbi, that LucasArts has a secret ftp site. Yes, an unmarked secret, piratish ftp stash. You see, the House of Mojo found it, then the Adventuress tried to spread the secret knowledge and consequently, after dodging my share of Opus Dei monks, I too was led to this marvelous and rather virtual place. And marvelous it was. It was full of LucasArts demos and pictures. Better make that classic LucasArts demos and pictures. Have a peek for yourself, click here. You'll find (among other old gems; well, among other gem-demos actually):

- Afterlife
- Sam and Max: Hit the Road
- Curse of the Monkey Island
- Escape from Monkey Island
- Loom
- Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
- Day of the Tentacle
- X-Wing
- TIE Fighter
- Dark Forces
- Yoda Stories

Ah, those were the games. On the other hand, these are the days... ? Better ignore me, just visit that nice ftp place.

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  1. Ah!! melancholy mood, sweet find!!

  2. Yes and rather bandwith consuming too...

  3. Gnome,

    You're the awesomess!

  4. Yes, I am...

    Just answering for Gnome...

  5. Why, thanks for the trouble Ross :)

    And Amber, you found it, didn't you? Thus you're the great one!

  6. Hail the adventuress!! (and if reason there was, it was quickly lost, as the elderly handed out a flagon of mead to everyone)

  7. "Urbi et Orbi" dear Gnome, "Urbi et Orbi"

  8. Hmm.... I can't say I'm sure you're right dearest monk, but knowing that my Latin is poorer than a poor man's poor belongings, I'll cahnge that.

  9. (elderly breaks out flails) party!!!

  10. Oh dear!

    Get'em Mr. Elderly.