May 27, 2006

Space Quest IV walkthrough

What follows is, quite apparently, a walkthrough of Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers (that's a 4, or to be more precise the latin numeral that roughly translates to a 4), I had written some months ago for the admittedly great Adventure Lantern magazine. There was also a review.

Anyway. May I present:

Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers

Now, before we start my dears, you should know some things. First of all, only use this walkthrough (or any other for that matter) in case of repeated deaths or if you get really-really stuck. Secondly, Space Quest IV is a difficult game, in which you get to die often, so save often. Thirdly, the Taste and Smell icons aren’t necessary for the completion of the game, but it’s worth trying them out and reading responses, that will put a smile on your face. Finally, have in mind that SQ4 can get quite absurd. For example you start playing in:

SPACE QUEST XII: Vohaul’s Revenge II
You are on Xenon. It’s dangerous. Watch out for the zombie and the droid. Avoid them at all costs for they will kill you. If of course you have saved your game you could try approaching the zombie in order to see something like this:

Anyway. From the starting screen go east. You’ll se a rope. Take it, and move two screens to the west. There is a rather futuristic vehicle. Look at it and open the glove box, where you’ll find a nice laptop computer. Take it. Now hide in the left part of the screen, so that even you can’t see Roger (Roger who? Roger Wilco, your virtual persona), and use the rope on the ground. Wait. A pink rabbit should appear and head straight for your little trap. Wait till the rabbit steps on the rope and then click the hand-cursor on him. The rabbit should now appear in your inventory. Look at it. You’ll see its back and a battery. Take the battery and use it for the laptop.

Go north and examine (using the hand-cursor) the broken armored vehicle. You’ll see a piece of unstable ordnance. Take it. Good, now put it back or get killed later on (you’ve still got +5 points).

Time to go two screens east and lift the grate, thus entering a mysterious underground office. On the desk you’ll find a jar you should pick up, and a button you’d rather push. On your left you can see a door. A rather big one. Open it, select the jar as your active inventory item, save and enter the first maze of the game. Go north, west, west and south. Some green slime should start oozing and following you. Wait till it gets close and use the jar on it. Quickly go south and climb the stair (using the hand-cursor). You’ll see the landing of the Sequel Police. Swiftly click with the hand-cursor on the ground and move two screens east. Enter the spaceship and fly to Vohaul’s Base.

Right after Roger exits the spaceship go west. A Timebuster 2000 SUX time-machine should appear. Time for a time-machine joyride. When the two Sequel coppers start their silly argument, quickly enter the Timebuster 2000. Get over the copy protection question (you are on your own here) and prepare to fly through time. Before you do anything else, take a note of the symbols that already appear on the Timebuster’s screen. These are the code for returning to Space Quest XII. Now enter six symbols. Any symbols. Nothing, huh? Ok give it another try, but this time note the symbols down, as these are you code for Space Quest X.

SPACE QUEST X: Latex Babes of Estros

Exit the Timebuster and go west. You’ll see an ominous shadow of an ominous bird. Follow it by going east to the screen you landed your Timebuster and then go south. The aforementioned bird will now grab you and take you for a nice visit to its nest.

Don’t be afraid, you will soon have company. A dead Sequel Policeman. Search him and find a piece of paper in a rather bad condition. Enter your inventory screen and click the hand-cursor on the paper. See those symbols? They are the second part of another time-machine code, so write them down. Leave the nest via a small hole on its lower part and a bit to the right. Prepare for a long and quite interesting cinematic sequence, after which Roger will find himself in the Latex Babes Hideout.

Save. When the tentacles touch Roger’s legs push the red button that’s next to his right hand. After you get up, grab a tank (they are to the right of Roger) and throw it in the mouth of the beast. Good. Time for another cinematic.

The girls leave Roger alone and drop their ATM Card. Grab it. Go to the Software Shop. Approach the crowd, talk to them and learn that the Two Guys from Andromeda are attending a signing. Ignore them and go to the Big and Tall shop. Enter it, talk to the robotic shopkeeper, get a new suit and pay (use the buckazoid on the shopkeeper). Go back to the now empty Software Shop. Enter it and take a look at Roger’s left. There is a bargain bin. Have a look at the hilarious games present (such as ‘Boom’ and ‘It Came for Dessert’), and find the Space Quest IV Hintbook at the bottom of the pile. Click on it, select ‘price’ and ‘keep’, pay the alien and exit the shop. Go to Monolith Burger.
Enter Monolith and ask the Boss (apparently a pig) for a job. Play the silly and quite difficult mini-game only if you are looking for a perfect score, or just get the money. No matter what you do, you’ll end being kicked out of Monolith along with a half-smoked cigar. Proceed to the entrance of the Galaxy Galleria Mall and pick up said cigar.

Time to get naughty. Talk to the robot-saleswoman at Sack’s Dress Shop and end up in drag. Pay the robot and take advantage of your new look. Enter the ATM Card in the ATM next to the Software Shop, select the Clear House option and earn 2001 buckazoids. Get straight by re-entering Sack’s (the room where you first changed your clothes), where you’ll change back to your original clothes. In typical male fashion read the Space Quest IV Hint Book. In the fourth page you will find three more time-machine symbols, that along with the three symbols from the dead SP officer give you a new code (the symbols from the Hint Book are the first part of the code). In the seventh page you’ll find a number (69-65-84-76-69). Write it down, save your game and proceed to the Arcade.

Enter the Arcade from the door towards the left side of the screen, have a look around and try your luck at the Ms. Astro Chicken video game. Keep on walking to the other corridor of the Arcade. Save. A Sequel Police Timebuster appears. Exit the Arcade, move east and quickly proceed to the Skate-O-Rama. Now comes the tough and very action oriented part. It’s better to use the cursor keys. Move up to the Skate-O-Rama Dome, then to the west, and quickly down. Avoid getting shot, and avoid the skaters. It’s difficult, but you should manage it with a try or two. Proceed to the Arcade and enter the SP Timebuster. Enter the Hint Book – dead policeman code, and go back in time.

SPACE QUEST I: The Sarien Encounter

Look at the graphics. So eighties. Pah! Exit the Timebuster and go south. Enter the bar, talk to the monochromatic guys at the bar and get kicked-out. It’s revenge time. Click the hand-cursor on the bikes outside the Bar. Save.

Roger will automatically run away and hide. When the bikers pass him by, try to walk back to the Bar. Whenever you get a warning prepare to face one of the bikers. Just click the mouse when they approach you, so you can jump and avoid them. Eventually you’ll make it to the Bar, enter it, talk to the barman, take the matches from the bar and go back to your time-machine (avoid any bikers on your way by timely clicking your mouse button). Enter the time-machine and give the Space Quest XII code.

SPACE QUEST XII: Vohaul’s Revenge II
Exit the Timebuster and move two screens to the east. See the impressive and rather locked door? Good. Destroy the locking mechanism, by throwing the green slime you’ve got in your nice jar on the door. Open the door and enter a dangerous, booby-trapped corridor. Don’t move anymore. Open your inventory. Use the matches on the cigar. Use the cigar, and see the quite deadly laser beams. Look on Roger’s left and see a nice panel. Use it. The panel is the way to rotate the laser beams (clockwise). Enter the following numbers: 336, 032, 112 and walk without fear to the end of the corridor. Save. Exit the corridor.

This is the most difficult part of the game. Your goal is two screens to the west. Avoid the two droids and get there. Easier said than done, but there are a couple of things you could try. The easy way is to retreat to the corridor when you see a droid and then go two screens west. The complicated way requires that you take a hard look at the computer terminals scattered around the maze. A convenient one should be the terminal at the first screen after the corridor. Look at it. See what kind of an adapter it needs. Go back to Space Quest X, to the Radio Shock and buy the appropriate one. Come back. Plug the adapter to the laptop and the laptop to the terminal. See the helpful map? Good. Hope it helps you.

Assuming you have managed to move through those two screens to the west, Roger should now be standing in the central computer room. Looks like a Giger design, doesn’t it? Doesn’t matter, as all you have to do is open the door by using the code you found in the Hint Book (69-65-84-76-69). Enter the room that appears. You should now be looking at an interface like this:

Grab the droid icon and throw it in the toilet. Do the same thing with the brain icon. Save, the countdown begins. Leave the room and go to the screen right outside the corridor with the laser beams. Now go north-west-down the stairs on the left-west-into the elevator-north-east-north. Approach your son and fight him. Use the cursor keys (up) to push him. After a few tries he’ll get immobilized in the beam. Click the hand-cursor on the stairs. When Roger returns use the disk on the weird-device-drive, select BEAM UPLOAD, DISK UPLOAD, select ROGER JR. by using the arrows, BEAM DOWNLOAD. You’ve won. Watch the ending sequence. It’s almost touching, it is.

. . . . . .

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  3. Are you sure thats a zombie and not Gollum? Now I know where they got his design ideas for the movie... hehe.

    So when did this game hit the shelves anyway?
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  4. Ross, they are not scary, simply a bit on the dominant-feminist side.

    Mr. Elderly their address is unfortunately only for sale - even for friends...

    Deitrix. It's a zombie. 1991.

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