Mar 25, 2006

Space Quest 4 Easter Eggs

Imagine you are Roger Wilco, Sierra's pathetic but sort of heroic space janitor. Imagine you are on a Quest for the Space Quest IV easter eggs. What would you do? Probably something rather silly and quite fatal, so don't. Heed my advice. Do as I tell you. Always. (ahem)

Anyway. Just get yourself a time-machine, preferably the Timebuster 2000 SUX the Sequel Police have parked inside an arcade in Space Quest X. Save. Type the code you see on the following screenshot (click for a larger view):

Good. You are now on the dangerous planet Ortega from Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon.

Exit the Timebuster. Die.

Restore, and learn that gnomes aren't always to be trusted.

Now, enter this code:

Enjoy something pointless. This:No more easter eggs for you. For more on Space Quest IV, on the other hand, you'll just have to wait for my review and walkthrough, that will appear on the next issue of Adventure Lantern. For further adventure related articles you can have a look at my review of Spooks, the AGS 2005 Awards or a Sam and Max video.

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  1. I enjoy gaming easter eggs. The Grand Theft Auto series on PS2 had some good ones carefully hidden.

  2. Make a post about some of the GTA easter eggs. Please?

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  4. Nifty! I played through SQ4 a couple of times and never knew that there were any easter eggs. Gonna have to rummage around in the vault for my copy...

  5. Do'll enjoy. Cheers for the comment dearest possum...