Mar 9, 2012

Waveform will make you Happy

A unique and great idea is, quite obviously, the first step in designing and creating a quality, innovative game. Problem is that actually building upon said idea in order to implement it in such a game is a much more arduous and difficult task than it sounds. The world of indie gaming is, after all, filled with interesting prototypes and unrealised ideas, and that's why Waveform is shaping up to become something very special indeed.

It's a game that, at its core, is built around the elegant and surprisingly fun mechanic of controlling a sine wave, by intuitively manipulating its wavelength and amplitude with a mouse. Only it's not merely a mathematical wave. It's a lightwave that you'll have to masterfully navigate in order to avoid enemies, grab bonuses and, well, make merry and achieve a highscore. Sounds confusing? Well, it really isn't and the following trailer should be more than enlightening:

Does look quite beautiful, doesn't it? Surprisingly it also is an incredibly feature rich, varied, rewarding, entertaining and addictive game. Now, I wouldn't want this post to turn into a review (you'll have to wait for one when Waveform actually gets released), but the ten or so days I've been playing with its beta have been pretty much incredible; on the arcade indie gaming front at least. It's unlike anything I had seen and a true triumph of design.

Waveform by fledgling indie studio Eden Industries and its 100 levels will very soon be released for PC via Steam. While waiting for the Gnome's Lair review you can follow it via facebook, twitter and its website.

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