Mar 28, 2012

The Sea Will Claim Everything

Game designer and writer Jonas Kyratzes, artist Verena Kyratzes and musician Chris Christodoulou had apparently been working on The Sea Will Claim Everything for quite some time, and, though their spectacular looking game hasn't been released yet, it has most definitely been announced. Consequently, I am more than excited. This will after all be the most ambitious Lands of Dream game ever released; also, the first commercial game by Jonas.

Expect further details and maybe even a preview relatively soon, but know that there's a ton of info and some stunningly beautiful screenshots already available over here. Ah, yes, the not so traditional feature list:

  • Explore the Isle of the Sun, the Isle of the Moon and the Isle of the Stars! 
  • Travel the seas! 
  • Wander through more than one hundred beautifully-drawn locations! 
  • Find thousands of tiny details! 
  • Listen to a beautiful, original score! 
  • Meet the many strange inhabitants of the Fortunate Isles, from the pirate octopus to the philosopher-lizard! 
  • Experience the pleasure of having a mouse in your inventory! 
  • Collect ingredients and create many strange potions! 
  • Help a living house heal itself! 
  • Oppose the machinations of Lord Urizen! 
  • Click on things! 
  • Find ancient treasures! 
  • Learn how to use druidic biotechnology! 
  • Read! 
  • Yes, read! 
  • Walls of text await you!


  1. "The Sea Will Clame Everything", in bold.
    Shouldn't that be 'Claim'?

    1. Ouch! Sorry about that... The excitement you see...

  2. I'm equally excited! And thank you for introducing us to the wonderful works of the Kyratzes - didn't miss one ever since.

    1. So glad you too appreciate the brilliant (also touching, philosophical, funny and beautiful) work of Jonas :)

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    2. Blog Narrator3/28/12, 4:16 PM

      Sorry about that Gnome, I'll get rid of him...

    3. (giggles)

      Nah, he's actually very good you know. Might even end up a pro narrator!

    4. And I'll make sure you get the interviews you deserve dear Elderly!

  4. I love traveling the seas! And reading!