Dec 13, 2011

The Xmas Blackwell Bundle

As I have already mentioned I simply cannot blog each and every gaming bundle that launches. It seems there is one announced/launched/unleashed every week and I frankly cannot be bothered. Besides, I am quite aware of the fact that you are not made of money reader. I'm thus sticking to the important ones, and Indieroyale's Xmas Bundle definitely feels both important and like an excellent chance to grab some fantastic adventure games for a ridiculously low price.

The bundle, you see, includes six games, three of which are none other than Wadjet Eye's Blackwell Legacy (review), Blackwell Unbound (review) and Blackwell Convergence (review). If you can't be bothered to read the reviews I took the time to link to, well, know that those Blackwell indie adventures are three brilliant indie point-and-clickers with excellent writing, lovely retro-styled graphics, quality voice-overs, relatively easy but interesting puzzles, subtle humour and some amazing characters. They are all about ghosts and New York too, and the versions this bundle is offering include new voices, a new commentary, bug fixes and an assortment of little cosmetic enhancements. It's a proper remastered version, it is, and one that will happily let you play with it on Steam and Desura too. Yes, for the very first time.

Blackwell games aside, you'll also be getting Eets, Dino D-Day and The Oil Blue. Now, I don't know much about these ones, but I do know that The Oil Blue sounds like a very intriguing, satirical oil-drilling thing, Dino D-Day seems as interesting as your average FPS and that Eets has some beautiful graphics. Actually, Eets has been created by the makers of Shank and is a Lemmings inspired puzzler, meaning it simply cannot be all bad. Anyway, better hop over to IndieRoyale, find out more about the games yourself and then grab some indie lovelies.

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