Dec 8, 2011

Terry Cavanagh presents At A Distance

Terry Cavanagh is a brilliant game designer, an inspired artists and -from what my dark sources tell me- a very good person too. Following the release and well-deserved success of the second best platformer of all time, he has been coming up with some incredibly wild designs while, hopefully, working on a very intriguing CRPG. Anyway, following the release of American Dream and Hero's Adventure Terry has finally unleashed the ground-breaking At A Distance. A game that has already confused, frustrated and brilliantly entertained visitors of more than a few gaming exhibitions.

At A Distance, you see, is a psychedelic two-player puzzle game that's been designed to be played on two computers running side by side. It is a game sporting unique visuals, an amazing atmosphere, fantastic mechanics and an uncanny ability to feel like a collaborative board game that has somehow made it inside a computer. It is thus an original and very much indie offering in which the right player will be looking at something like this:

whereas the left player will be admiring this:

Both players will have to try things out, discuss, think, navigate, jump and come up with puzzle solving ideas all the while looking at each others screens. Intrigued? Good, you should be, for I'm not saying anything else, besides pointing out that though you could tackle the game by yourself, really reader, don't. Simply visit the At A Distance site and download the game for free for it has finally been publicly released.

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  1. Weird. Like Freescape has been given to an insane genius... or something.

  2. A wise observation this one dear Captain. The game does have quite a few common ideas with them Freescape classics.

  3. (sits down in attempt to better comprehend the the mind warping concept....files game genre under psychotropic..)

    This could possibly be the first game that needs a Drugs advisory notice and an ESRB rating....