Nov 29, 2011

Zenobi presents Behind Closed Doors 5

Zenobi has been a truly independent text adventure developer and publisher that has miraculously survived for over 20 years know, as any ZX Spectrum -and, indeed, Atari ST- adventurer will most probably tell you. Though it hasn't published a game in over 10 years, it is still offering its dozens of classic games on a DVD packed with interactive fiction, graphic adventures, one action game, scans of reviews and every emulator you could ask for. Quite a departure from tapes and disks apparently, and, what's more, its brave founder and creator of brilliantly surreal fantasy adventures, the Balrog (who was interviewed on Gnome's Lair some time ago), is still at the company's helm, and, incredibly, back to designing games too!

Yes, it's very much true, there's a new Zenobi text adventure available and it has been coded by the Balrog himself: Behind Closed Doors 5. You can download it for free over at the Balrog's Bits section of or follow this rather handy direct link. The game was created with Twine and is thus a point-and-click, choose-your-own-adventure type of affair, that brilliantly continues the proud tradition of the Behind Closed Doors series that began back in 1988. It is thus an elaborate, humorous, fantasy, toilet-centered affair and a tribute to Zenobi Software; to play it, you'll have to open the downloaded file with your browser. Oh, and there are some actual puzzles in there too.

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  1. Twine? Toilet centered?..and a company that has survived without a publishing a game in the last ten years....

    (Sits down, perplexed...)

    I've been away too long...

  2. It's the amazing world of the Internet Elderly, where tubes run across the globe and allow for the instant theft of billions of euros. Everything is possible!

  3. (stares across the unfamiliar dystopian landscape....)

    still all is not lost, long as we have our little oasis.. es.. oasesiss



    there is hope....


  4. Blog=Oasis

    but also Oasis=trees



    thus Save the trees!

  5. hold on there... wait til I figure this out...

    If B=O and O=T then B=T


    your right!

    But how how did you figure that out so fast!!

    (stares suspciously at Gnomes hat...)


  6. There's nothing in it.


    Not a thing.

    Now stop staring.