Nov 28, 2011

Melonade on a Couch: the Gnome's Lair interview

Ah, the dialectical motion of the world. It does lead to such intriguing and slightly ironic situations, doesn't it? I mean, it feels like only yesterday when I was interviewing the multi-talented game designer/visual artist Ben Chandler and then, suddenly, there I was being interviewed myself by the very same man. Why? Well, why not I suppose. You can read the whole interview over at the Hardy Developer's Journal.

I do go on about such profoundly deep and meaningful stuff as my deep inability to finish a game, the glories of indie creativity, a certain iOS project of mine, Gabriel Knight, favourite games, future projects, blogging and such astoundingly tedious stuff as my fascination with cities. I also say the following (consider this a teaser):

And that is why I’m currently working on some smaller and hopefully interesting projects (including one Wikileaks Stories text adventure sort of thing), but mainly focusing on a pretty big iOS game with a group of artists and programmers. 
I simply feel that games -a truly wide medium- can and should engage political themes. The mainstream is after all already bombarding the masses with the deeply political themes of imperialist war, militarism and crypto-fascism.  
Truth be said my obsession with cities has led me to playing such offerings as GTA IV and the SimCity series, only to be mildly disappointed by the fact that the vast majority of game designers seem unable to understand urban planning, let alone cities themselves.


  1. Nice couch....

    (looks pleadingly at Gnome...)

    only for interviews?

  2. Well, interviews and castings. Nothing more.